EU Bits Review – Is EU Bits Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?
EU Bits
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EU Bits is a broker for trading online through a quality and user friend online trading platform. You can read our EU Bits review today to learn all about them. We have given them a score of 4.3/5. You can visit their website and sign up through the link below to start trading.

EU Bits Review

EU Bits logoAssisting the traders to have a better understanding of the techniques involved in trading, EU Bits is playing its role as an international trading platform remarkably. It helps the traders in earning maximum profit out of their initial investment by providing them an engaging environment for trading. It is an investment enterprise that through multiple trading options provides an opportunity to invest or trade to the traders worldwide.

A comprehensive EU Bits review is given that will help the readers in understanding the services that are provided by the broker and the pros and cons attached with it.

EU Bits online crypto broker review

Security and Compliance

The regulatory bodies looking over a firm define the transparency level of that firm. The benchmark of safety and reliability of any broker is set by the regulatory authorities looking upon that broker. There are always certain rules and guidelines that are followed by the regulated brokers. Being a regulated broker, EU Bits also ensures the maximum safety and security of the assets and funds of its customers.

Charges and Commission

For all the services that are provided to the customer, a suitable fees is charged by EU Bits. However, it charges a certain fees known as commission from the trader as it carries out trade on his behalf. In the beginning, according to the need and requirement the trader has to choose a certain account type for which he will require a certain initial deposit too.


As the possibility of earning profit is increased by the leveraged entities at the same time they also increase the chances of potential loss. Therefore, the efficient and smart use of leverage is necessary. EU Bits offer high leverage ratios to its customers to help them elevate the profit gains. There are multiple factors that cause an impact on the leverage such as product quality, proficiency level etc.

Markets and Instruments

A number of assets are offered by EU Bits to the customers for trading purpose. Different trading conditions are required by all these assets. These assets may include fore trading, cryptocurrency, precious metals, commodities, indices and a wide range of different products.

EU Bits trading instruments

Trading Tools

In order to help the traders in trading process and to carry out the trade technically and logically, EU Bits offer a number of advanced techniques and tools to its customers. one can access these tools through the trading platform of EU Bits, and it may include economic calendars, currency converters and calculators. These trading tools are essential for extracting out maximum profit out of the investment made initially and for the better analysis of the market conditions.

Trading Platforms

By connecting the traders with the markets any part of the world, ease of trading is provided to the traders by using a trading platform. One can use phone, laptop, computers or tablets in order to get the access to these trading platforms.

EU Bits is also integrated with an updated trading platform that provides the access to a number of advanced trading tools and techniques to its customer for a better analysis of market conditions and effective trading


One should train and educate himself about the techniques and strategies that are being used in trading in order to carry out the trade logically. A good amount of resource material is provided by EU Bits for its customers that help them in understanding the technicalities involved in trading. In addition to that, the customer should also carry out research on his own for getting effective results at the end.

Customer Support

EU bits provides a remarkable customer support service to its customers that operate through out the day. The customers can access the team through phone, email or live chat and get their problems and queries solved.


By facilitating the customers with advanced tools and techniques, EU Bits help the customers grow better. It helps its customers to earn good profit by training them in the best possible manner.

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