Ethereum Founder Follows Dogecoin Founder in Leaving Crypto Industry Behind

Di Lorio of the co-founders of Eethereum made headlines. His comments spread like fire and created chaos. In his recent interview, he told Bloomberg about his plans to exit the crypto market for good. This news came hard on the heels of other bad news. Previously, Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin co-founder explained why he left the industry. He said that industry is controlled by the world’s wealthiest mafias. It is nothing more than a “get rich quick,” scheme.

This news quickly followed by another devastated news of Ethereum co-founder leaving the industry for good, shocked the crypto community. As Jackson Palmer revealed that he is leaving the industry for some ethical reasons. However, Di Lorio told Bloomberg that he is leaving the crypto industry behind for personal reasons.  He metaphorically hinted that there were some concerns regarding his personal security, so he decided to quit the industry for good.

He added that he now feels irrelevant, least secure, and isolated in the massive industry. Di Lorio was the earliest admirer and investor of Bitcoins. This cemented him as one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency. He also remained the critical figure while investing in the new ventures to launch the new cryptocurrencies. Di Lorio made headlines back in 2018 when used cryptocurrency to buy the biggest and most expensive condominiums in Canada.  He later invested his stakes in the formation of Ethereum. Forb confirmed that his net worth was over $1Bn.

The founder during a phone conversation with CoinDesk revealed that in the past couple of years he was too busy investing his time and money in crypto that he had nearly forgotten his passion for philanthropy. He further added that he wants to give more time to philanthropy now.  He shared his aim to start a philanthropic foundation in the coming years. Di Lorio also stressed that he will cut his ties with all the upcoming crypto startups funded by him. Which included Ethereum and his personal crypto exchange Decentral.

The co-founder seems to have discussions going on with the potential buyers regarding the sale of his crypto companies and assets.  His company Decentral has valued at around a few hundred million dollars.  The CEO is also exploring his options whether he needs fiat money in return or a stake in some other companies. He said that he is evaluating his options and will reveal his decision soon.

When asked about how he will be honored for his services to the crypto market. He said that he has no desire whatsoever to be known as a crypto pioneer. He rather would love to be memorized as a “problem solver.” However, the crypto community said that they are heartbroken to hear that one of the pioneers is departing from the industry.

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