ETH Gas Prices Plunge To Lowest Rates Since March 2020

Statistical Data from Coin Metrics shows that the gas price of Ethereum has shown a speedy decline, outpacing even the overall price of the crypto asset.

A report from Coin Metrics shows that the overall value of Ethereum is not the only factor that has been seeing a fall, in accordance with the performance of the asset in 2021. The gas price of running on the Ethereum blockchain network has also seen a significant drop, currently hovering at its lowest value. The gas fee is basically referred to as the fee that is deducted whenever an Ethereum-based transaction happens. The current transaction fee sits in the range of 15-30 gwei, which is about ten times lower than recorded back in March of this year, when the price of Ethereum had almost skyrocketed to insane levels, gaining double the overall value in comparison to the start of the year.

How transactions work

Transactions on the Ethereum Network can have a certain range. It is because this rate of the transaction fee depends upon the amount of gas used, meaning that unique transactions will have different transaction price points according to the usage of gas. Activates such as NFT Bidding, trading on exchanges, or transferring Ethereum to another person all have different amounts of gas fee, so the gas fee can be said to be directly proportional to gas usage. As for overall changes to gas price, it depends on the demand, which is the same as anything else being traded in the market. Higher demand means a higher gas price.

Countering Demand

The Report from Coin Metrics also highlights that more and more companies are implementing solutions that scalable when developing Ethereum-based projects, which means that if the project is scalable, it can reduce the burden on the Ethereum network, but can still manage to take all the resources it needs. In addition to that, Coin Metrics also highlighted that the gas price had started to drop even before the huge market crash when the gas limitation was increased from around 12.5Million gwei to 15Million gwei in a single block. Increasing the limit meant that a single block would contain more transactions than before, in turn helping to manage the increasing demand of the asset in the market. Bots have also been inactivity because they use the tactic of paying the higher gas price to push transactions and make profits.

However, Ethereum will soon see another adjustment, as a network upgrade named London is expected to launch next month.

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