Esports Organization Galaxy Racer Teams Up With Crypto Firm QUINT

Galaxy Racer, an esports institution based in Dubai, has started a partnership with QUINT (a crypto firm). In this contract, Galaxy Racer has invested $25 million (~£19.78 million) into the crypto ecosystem of QUINT. The token of QUINT will be incorporated into the structure of the institution, to serve in the payment system of its website, its events and tournaments, and the merchandising division of Galaxy Racer.

Apart from this, the crypto firm has turned into a local token partner of Galaxy Racer. One aspect of the respective agreement deals with the development of a series of educational content regarding web3 and crypto for the fanbase of the esports institution as well as the broader community. As per the release, QUINT token’s integration by Galaxy Racer will permit the institution to use the technology thereof and support the infrastructure development as well as the other initiatives to occur in the future.

Galaxy Racer’s CEO and founder, Paul Roy, remarked that they are excited to declare their collaboration with The Quint Ecosystem and investment in the QUINT token. He added that they have long been approached on the behalf of several crypto firms, projects, and coins all expecting to collaborate with them as they keep on expanding across the globe. In his words, they intended to collaborate and invest in a platform having a prominent technology and team at its back, and The Quint Ecosystem is the one they were looking for.

This does not count to be the initial time this year that investment has been made by Galaxy Racer in a rising sector. In January, the esports company declared $10 million (~£7.28m) as a projected investment into an esports ecosystem based in Malaysia. In addition to this, the Galaxy Racer has grown its span in Pakistan and North America. QUINT is known as a crypto ecosystem that pursues to use the of real-world rewards via the development as well as the support of physical assets.

In this respect, the investors are provided with real-world advantages via super-staking pools. This takes into account raffle awards like Big Bang timepieces by Hublot, Bored Ape NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as well as high-profit-making physical assets’ fractional ownership. Parallel to the pools, the ecosystem of QUINT also has a merchandise shop, a marketplace of NFTs, as well as an esports section, which is anticipated to progress because of the respective contract by Galaxy Racer.

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