EOS – The Only Way Is Up

EOS – The Only Way Is Up

For the past few weeks, we made bold statements that EOS looked like one of the first currencies on the way to heading it all the time high against the US dollar, the highest value for EOS, as registered on January 13th, was $ 18.24.

This forecast, came off the back of a fabulous run for EOS, during which it managed to reach it’s halfway-to-peak point (at around $9) during the mid-April market surge. So, all roads for EOS seemed to lead up, and indeed, up it went.

Yesterday on Sunday EOS peaked at an incredible $22.86, the highest value ever recorded for EOS against the US Dollar. This is really important. EOS paves the way for a new growth of the cryptocurrency, and moreover, EOS has proved that even after a period of depression this Currency has the ability to bounce back.

Just to apply some context to this saga, a month before on March 29th, the EOS dropped to $ 5.95.

Certainly, some of the disturbances published by EOS have been canceled in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, EOS is estimated at $ 18.34 (still well above its January peak) and is down 15.74%. This sharp decline seems to be caused by a combination of correction and, as predicted, a small sell-off as a result of the EOS $ 20.00 breakthrough.

At the moment, this reduction will only be temporary, and, given the right climate, we should expect EOS to return soon. It’s too early to predict prices, and indeed, investors are undoubtedly too excited to predict prices at this time.

We must take into account that this is probably not the best time for new EOS investors to get on board. While the Currency has a high market capitalization, it certainly has an upper limit. I’m not saying that we are close to this limit, but I guess that while we are not riding a high price with the EOS at the moment, there is a chance that the currencies will fall down, perhaps not as low as we saw in March, in the near future, at least, but in terms of buying EOS the best opportunities will be presented in the markets in the long run.

Yet, now we just need to wait and see how high this Currency is. EOS has shown that this is worth this weekend and really has the potential to become an asset of high cost. People have made some great returns on their investments this weekend, but let’s consider that this is not always the case. Even excellent crypto currency is volatile, be careful with your investments and trade safely!

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