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EOS – A Top 5 Coin

EOS – A Top 5 Coin

Crypto-markets this morning  are in the green zone. Bitcoin (BTC) finally returned to levels above $ 9,000 and traded at $ 9,180. Ethereum (ETH) is approaching $ 700 with its today value of $ 684. Ripple (XRP) also looks like a touch to the value of $ 0.90 today, as it trades at $ 0.863. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is still very much in the 4th position and is trading at $ 1.354.

At that time this leads us to a new inhabitant of number 5  slot in accordance with and using market capitalization. EOS (EOS) finally took the slot in a convenient order.

This token is by now trading at $ 18.95 with a market capitalization of $ 15.737 billion. Cardano (ADA), which is the 6th has a market capitalization of $ 9.29 billion; which is 59% of the market capitalization of EOS. That’s why with this analysis it’s safe to say that EOS is now officially the top 5 coins.

The today impulse evident with EOS may even allow the token to displace Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from position No. 4. To do this, its market capitalization should be higher than the current market capitalization of BCH, which is $ 23.797 billion. This means that the cost of EOS would have to grow up to $ 27.90.



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