Enigma Startup Launches Test Blockchain

A new built blockchain pointing to allow individual agreements among customers has officially introduced testing.

On Saturday announced, the news notes the newest move in a travel for startup Engima to start its own hardware – created at the MIT Media Lab, the program is based on a white paper released in 2015. At the beginning designed at the insurance fund sector, Enigma now marks itself as a protocol for “secret contracts,” which it proven a month ago at Consensus 2018 event.

So, the notification means that the technology, a form of modified smart contracts intended to darken the origin of a transaction, and permit a blockchain to calculate agreements without decoding them, is currently nearer to real-world apply.

Nevertheless, in statements, program heads were quick to warn expectations.

Underlying the story nature of the technology, they recorded: “We acknowledge that development of these types of innovative technologies is non-linear and an ongoing, iterative process. We’re not simply forking an existing platform – we’re building something completely new and essential, something that will take (and has taken) many people and many days and nights to build.”

Previously this month, Enigma decaled it was operating with technology giant Intel to future create its platform, and  applications to run on the protocol.

Following the testnet launch, Enigma designs to get ready for a mainnet launch within the framework of  the next three months.


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