Email Addresses of 3.1 Million Users Reportedly Leaked as a Result of Hack on CoinMarketCap

When it comes to stealing the critical and sensitive information of people, the hackers are going to any extent to acquire them. They are exploiting any platform in order to gain access to the personal and private information of the users.

This time, it is CoinMarketCap that has fallen victim to the hackers that have exploited the platform to steal the email addresses of the users. According to the reports, the hackers have stolen a large number of emails from users from the CoinMarketCap platform.

CoinMarketCap is one of the most prominent platforms for cryptocurrencies that provides price tracking for cryptocurrencies. The platform even provides historical data about cryptocurrencies, their types, networks, and so much more information about the platforms. According to claims, a total of 3,117,548 email addresses of the CoinMarketCap users have been stolen by the hackers.

Surprisingly, there were initial detections of the hackers stealing the information. It was revealed that the emails had been acquired when the hackers sold and traded the email addresses gathered from CoinMarketCap through online forums.

These forums are very famous among hackers and scammers as they acquire the sensitive information of users through them. Later on, the famous website is known for helping users identify if their emails have been hacked “Have I Been Pwned”, confirmed the reports.

The website’s data revealed that the information had been gathered by the hackers through the CoinMarketCap platform. Following the report from Have I have Been Pwned, CoinMarketCap made an official announcement. In the announcement, Binance’s subsidiary revealed that the list of the users’ email addresses matched the user base that it was catering to.

After confirming the rumors, CoinMarketCap has carried out its own checks and inquiries coming to the final conclusion. The firm has revealed that after doing their research, they have indeed established that their users’ emails have been acquired by hackers.

CoinMarketCap has confirmed that while the hackers were able to steal the email addresses belonging to the users, they were not able to hack any other information. CoinMarketCap teams have confirmed that their investigation teams have carried out all the tests to establish what other information was lost to the hackers.

They have come back with their findings confirming that the hackers weren’t able to steal anything apart from the email addresses. The passwords of the users are still intact, which shows that the hack was not very severe.

CoinMarketCap has confirmed that they have investigated and checked their servers to establish exactly when the exploit took place. The cybersecurity team has confirmed that the hack on CoinMarketCap’s server had taken place on October 12, 2021.

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