Elipay, a shopping and cryptocurrency wallet app, pushes forward digital assets adoption in Slovenia. The app is available for iOS and Android, allowing the users to pay with digital assets. The app uses BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and its own coin called ELI.

On Elipay, there are available over 300 retail stores around Slovenia, accepting cryptocurrency and most of them are in Bitcoin City (a shopping mall, sports, entertainment, business area in Ljubljana).

CEO of Eligma (Elipay running company), Dejan Roljic, notes that there are available products and services of various categories. Moreover, local travel is becoming popular and now, anyone is able to pay for rides in and also around the city in digital assets.

Roljic also mentions that the Bank of Slovenia has already approved Euro integration to Elipay via credit and debit cards.

Elipay has plans of expectation and the first country they want to enter is Croatia. They are planning to start 1st phase of integrations within a month. Roljic believes that the company could integrate the app into 200 locations by the end of the year. He mentions that the app adoption in over 500 locations in Slovenia and Croatia could make Southeastern Europe a serious player in the crypto world.


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