El Salvador Citizens are Protesting Aggressively against Bukele’s Bitcoin Adoption

Ever since the induction of Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador, it seems that the citizens of the country have been obsessed with protesting against it. Even before the induction of Bitcoin as a legal tender, several groups of protestors gathered at different prominent locations to record their opposition.

Still, the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele was not moved with such protests and proceeded with signing the induction of Bitcoin into ES law.

Although it seemed at first that the protests would be short-term, things have gotten even worse since September 7, 2021 (Bitcoin legalization). Reports have started emerging that the protestors have now started protesting against Bukele’s policies and are growing aggressive.

The reports are emerging that the protestors have even set fire to the kiosk for Bitcoin in the capital city of El Salvador. This demonstration has been made by the citizens of El Salvador to record their protest against Bukele’s policies.

Teleprensa, one of the local news outlets in El Salvador alongside other media sources has covered the news. They have released footage where the protestors can be seen burning the kiosk for Bitcoin, which is powered by Chivo. The media sources have confirmed that the kiosk has been burned in the San Salvador city of El Salvador.

According to the local media sources, the protest was recorded on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. In the protest, there were citizens of El Salvador as well as the journalists recording the incident.

According to sources, it was one of several Bitcoin machines that have been placing by the government of El Salvador in different areas of the country. In the video, it was showed that the protestors had defaced the logos of Bitcoin and Chivo where the Bitcoin machines have been installed. Some protestors even had signs lifted that showed that the democracy was not for sale.

The media sources covering the protests have confirmed that for now, the protestors have only caused damage to Chivo machines. There are possibilities that only the Chivo machines will be destroyed by the protestors.

Although it is being portrayed as a civilian protest against the policies and strategies of Bukele in favor of Bitcoin, motive seems to be different. This is because President Bukele clearly stated that although they have adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender, it does not mean that it will be imposed on the citizens.

Bukele stated that adopting Bitcoin would be completely up to the will of the citizens as they can continue using USD if they desire. However, the protests seem to be organized against Bukele and his policies, and there are chances they are being funded by outside forces.

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