EcoMarkets Review – Is EcoMarkets Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

EcoMarkets Review

Specialized in the trading of cryptocurrencies, EcoMarkets has introduced itself in the recent past. Unlike other brokers, EcoMarkets has not been there for a long time, but it has built a phenomenal portfolio in a very short time. The brokerage firm is entirely customer-oriented to ensure your amazing trading experience while lowering your trading prices and maximizing your profits. Following is the comprehensive EcoMarkets review that lets you know about the brokerage firm. 

Cryptocurrency has become the star of trade these days. The market has exploded with its growing trend, and people all across the world are paying more attention to it. Launched in 2009, the first-ever cryptocurrency named Bitcoin (BTC) was introduced to the world, with the concept of replacing the centralized currency with the digital one. However, back in the day, a lot of speculations took place about BTC regulation and legalization issues. But there was no denying that cryptocurrency had the tendency to take over the traditional property. Consequently, cryptocurrency took a jump in 2017, as it became popular rather quickly. This was the time when it was at its peak, and since then, there was no going back from it.

Cryptocurrency is becoming the top digital asset because of its potential for high-profit return. Cryptomarket is highly volatile, and any moment can be the changing point of a trader’s career. This volatility can easily become the cause of significant loss or profit for investors. Due to its high profit, the rise in demand has introduced many new instruments and options to the world to be traded in the market. However, choosing a broker to avail of these options is the first step.

Due to the popularity shift towards cryptocurrency, several options for brokers are available in the market for you to choose from. And just like trading in any other instrument, you will require a broker for this too. Still, if you are keeping up with the market, you must have been aware of the scammers associated with this business. These scammers are just waiting for the fresh traders to come into the market, so they could trick you. You must have heard many stories about how a broker tricked an investor with white lies about being a legitimate broker and then turned out to be a scammer. Many people, due to these scams, had compromised their identity and their funds.

These scams can cause huge losses, and that is something every trader needs to avoid. And to prevent it from happening, you will need to do your homework beforehand while looking into brokerage companies. Brokers who offer unclear and shady information should be avoided at all cost, but there are some good brokerage companies like EcoMarkets, that give you top-notch customer services and have made their name at the top in a short span of time.

EcoMarkets introduction

A Wide Range of Products at EcoMarkets

While there high chances of success in online trading, the risks, on the other hand, are also high. Many people have lost thousands of dollars because of the mistake of putting all the funds in one asset. Risks are part of any business, and these cannot be avoided, but you can minimize them as much as possible. For that, I will recommend, you invest in multiple assets and instruments.

Starting in the trading business, it is a good idea to start small, for example, invest in one instrument, and then with time, you should work on building a portfolio slowly by investing more in various instruments. So that loss in one instrument could be balanced by others. But this diversification is only possible if you find a broker that can grant you access to deal in different markets. EcoMarkets can be your partner in this regard. If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, this broker provides you with many options, including top ones in the market like Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, etc. But if you don’t want crypto, EcoMarkets also lets you trade in Forex currencies too. For their customers’ convenience, they offer both major and minor currencies and stocks from all the major companies.

A Strong Trading Platform

When we evaluate a particular broker, one of our main concerns is the variety it is providing. However, it must not be the only criteria for judging credibility. It doesn’t matter how many cryptocurrencies a broker is offering, but actually, it is the trading platform that makes a difference. A trading platform is actually software, which traders use to perform trading, and this is the reason why an amazing trading platform has a great effect on the trading experience and success in this market. Some of the brokers have presented a very complicated trading platform that is difficult to understand and creates a negative impact, especially in the minds of beginners. Even there are many experts who have a lot of complaints about their trading platforms like lag, slow speed, or just not the way they want. It can ultimately result in loss. This is important for everyone because you will put your valuable assets and career on the line while performing trades in the market. Therefore, it is a significant assignment to check a trading platform’s performance before starting any kind of trade with it.

When we talk about EcoMarkets, you are not going to be disappointed in any case because the broker has put its efforts to provide a comfortable and user-friendly trading platform, regardless of their previous trading background.

In the case of EcoMarkets, the customers are provided with a web-based trading option. It is a great option because it only needs a good browser with active access to the internet. You can access your trading platform by using multiple devices. The expert team has designed this option of web trading to solve the problem for the ones who don’t have the smartphone needed to install the trading applications. This particular web trading platform is not restricted to one or two devices, but you can use as many devices as you want, like desktop, tablet, smartphone, and MacBook, etc. As a web-based platform, there is another advantage that it is not going to depend on the performance of a particular device. EcoMarkets have not made any compromise while designing the functions of the trading platform; therefore, they have achieved the status of an award-winning broker in the market. From ensuring a highly intuitive interface to providing a large variety of indicators and charting tools, which are the lifelines for the traders to make a particular decision, the platform is functional at its best. You can directly trade from the chart provided by the platform if you want. You are also facilitated with an opportunity to trade by using your individual trade ticket or just by using the watchlist if you are a professional trader. As a user-friendly platform, everything is well explained and made easy to use for the customers. Despite providing a great platform, the broker has also paid a great deal of attention to ensuring its security because the expert team completely understands the market’s level of risk. The security of the platform has been ensured by the installation of the most complicated and safe cybersecurity protocols so that the customers feel comfortable while operating their trades.

Easy Registration Process

The registration process alone can be quite exhausting for traders, and many brokers do not even consider acknowledging it and won’t take any action for it. Meanwhile, many firms do not notice such issues, EcoMarkets, and their team has put up a simple registration process, so even a fresh trader can do it all by themselves. So there is no need to go through all those long lists of paperwork. Everything is simple, straightforward, with direct instructions and policies. 

The registration process can be quite frustrating and can cause some loss of opportunities while waiting for approval, which again adds to more misery. Therefore with EcoMarkets, you are required to fill out a form that only asks you about your basic information regarding your fund amount, ID card, picture of yourself, email address, and passcode. You do not have to go through different filling sections to get yourself registered. All you got to do is put up basic information, select your asset of choice, and sign an agreement of their terms and conditions. After that, you can start your trading journey and control it from wherever you want.

EcoMarkets easy registration process

Trading Tools

In the world of trading, where you need to perform the trading activities all the time, your prime need is to provide advanced trading tools that you can use to boost your earnings. These tools keep their customers up to date by providing the latest news about the considerable happenings in the market trends and other important pieces of information. You can completely understand the market movements before anyone else and use your market intelligence to make the best decisions right away.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Once you have made an account, you will then have to select a payment method. And for this, EcoMarkets offers a wide range of deposit methods. This range makes it easy for clients to both deposit and withdraws funds. These should be the most important factors to consider because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities because of the company’s delay in processing your funds.

EcoMarkets makes sure that you won’t have to face any restrictions while transferring or taking your profit. It has also made the whole process easier, so their clients will not face combinations of methods for their funds’ transactions. If you are a person who prefers conventional methods like bank wire transfer, then this broker is there for you. But these methods do take much time and money.

Other options offered are credit cards, debit cards, Visa Electron, and Maestro. These methods also require fees but are the quickest. Among many other options, EcoMarkets has offered to provide you with an e-wallet system that has made trading a lot faster and easier for its traders.

Education at EcoMarkets

Cryptocurrencies have a highly speculative and volatile nature; therefore, their value is changing every second. As a result, people can lose their assets spontaneously. If someone wants to be a successful trader, he needs to be very cautious while performing his trading operations. There is no doubt, entering this business is the easiest way. No one is going to ask you about your degree or any sort of qualification but having these on your shoulder definitely affects your business experience. For example, a person with a comprehensive understanding of the market is, without any doubt, going to trade with better expertise and get more profit. On the other hand, a person without having any background knowledge and lack of necessary information will struggle to make the right decision and bear some losses in the beginning.

If you don’t have any previous knowledge about the crypto market, it does not mean that you cannot be a good trader. Everything is there to be learned. When we talk about EcoMarkets, the brokerage firm is providing a complete guide where you can learn through reading, listening, and watching. You can also practice trading in the demo sessions without fear of losing anything. The firm has facilitated its users with a complete digital learning academy which is enriched with piles of learning materials in different forms. There are online video sessions, ebooks, and regular webinars for getting valuable information. This information consists of everything, including simple and basic concepts to complicated and more advanced trading strategies. You can also get an idea about the doings of other traders while trading to adjust yourself. You can learn to create your trading strategy. In the same way, the experts can improve their trading strategies and learn new ones. This ultimately helps them to refine their trading education and exposure in the market.

Security Measures at EcoMarkets

Among many other features to look into, security and privacy policies should be at the top of your list. KYC, know your client policy, was built back in the day to protect from the scams of the invaders when the cases were started to come to light. This policy, however, was not much popular among brokers back then. And even till now, many brokers are operating without it, and it has caused a significant loss. But with EcoMarkets, your information, data, and funds are secure. This broker makes sure that no shady individual will pass through its tough KYC policies. 

Along with KYC, the AML policy is also quite important when it comes to stopping cybercriminal activity. EcoMarkets has implemented the anti-money-laundering policy to ensure the safety of every customer’s funds, and therefore, there are few rules every client must follow. First, they permit only one method of money transaction and deposit. And secondly, no third party will be allowed to control your account. In this way, EcoMarkets has made sure to provide a safe environment to its users.

Customer Support at EcoMarkets

When you make up your mind to start chatting with a new platform, you are definitely concerned with its policies, especially customer support service. You are going to have many queries while using the platform for the first time. And you want them to be answered as quickly as you can because the market is going to change every second and you will not like to lose any opportunity. You can also evaluate a particular broker on the basis of checking its customer support service. This brokerage is established to care about its customers, and it is not going to leave its clients.

EcoMarkets has provided multiple options to its customers to reach the support servicing staff. Customers can choose their most convenient option for this purpose. Customers can either fill an online contact form to submit their complaint, or they can contact directly through email. If you have an urgent query and you want a quick answer, then a contact number has also been provided on the website. The representatives of the brokerage firm are very customer-friendly and polite. You can discuss whatever you want. They are available 24 by 7 for their customers and have the complete market knowledge to assist you in taking harsh decisions. Also, they are readily available for valuable advice.

Final Words

EcoMarkets has made it possible for its users to use their website on the go without any restrictions. For professional traders, this feature is essential, as it gives you the freedom to log in to your account, explore the market, make a purchase, and handle all your funds simply through your phone and laptop. EcoMarkets has made its name in the market for being a user-friendly platform. And every day, more and more traders are joining them to start their trading career. 

As you have reached this part of the review, I do not doubt saying that it is not much difficult for you to select EcoMarkets as your crypto trading partner. And I think everyone would like to adopt such features as the first choice.

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