There are more rumors in the media that the world’s largest online auction service, eBay, plans to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The fact that eBay is going to become a participant in the cryptocurrency market is indicated by the information placed on banners at the Consensus conference in New York.

The company has not yet made an official statement. If the information is confirmed, cryptocurrency payments will be available for 180 million active users of the site.

Adopting cryptocurrency can be a logical step after UTRUST, a cryptocurrency-enabled payment platform, hired former eBay and PayPal executive director, Sanja Kon, as vice president of global partnership in 2018.

Earlier, Scott Cutler, vice president of eBay Americas, said the company is considering accepting payments in bitcoins.

“This is a trend that everyone is talking about,” he said. “We take this idea seriously, because cryptocurrency is becoming a more common payment instrument, but we are not ready to make it a reality yet.”

Rumors about the official implementation of cryptocurrency payments on eBay have regularly appeared for five years. However, the company still prefers to remain on hold.


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