Dr. Steven Waterhouse Says Regulators See Crypto as a Real Threat to the USD

Dr. Steven Waterhouse Says Regulators See Crypto as a Real Threat to the USD


Dr. Steven Waterhouse, the CEO and Co-founder of Orchid Labs (OXT), is confident that the government of the United States will not let the private companies challenge the dollar.

Before the Telegram announcement on giving up on its blockchain project, Dr. Waterhouse said the US government sees multi million-users companies issued crypto as a real threat to the US dollar. He emphasized that the concept of having different companies designing their own stablecoins that will be used by tons of people is seen as a risk of disappearing for the central bank and its issued currency.

Waterhouse believes that this is the reason of the strong reaction to Facebook Libra and Telegram.

Reacting to the recent comments by Telegram founder Pavel Durov, who called the United States a “police state” & discouraged Eastern European businessmen from basing their tech businesses in Silicon Valley, Dr. Steven Waterhouse noted that this was the 1st time in recent 2 decades he’d heard this kind of opinion.


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