Digital Cryptocurrency Bank For Youth Will Be Developd By The Government Of Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, declared on Thursday that he is going to start development of a digital crypto-currency bank for youth and students, which will begin its activities with national crypto currency – 20 million Petros.

In fact the president noted that the donation to be given to the new institution to start its functioning will be about $ 1.2 billion, which will support the productive initiatives of this sector of the population.

The president has given the certain information during a mass ceremony in the state of Aragua with young people who make up the Chamba Juvenil Plan which is a social program that contributes the first job among the youth of the country.

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Ad well, the head of state issued the approval of resources to continue with the implementation performed by the representatives of the above mentioned plan and pointed out that 150 young professionals were joined to the economic structure of Venezuela.

Nevertheless, he underlined the value of each university and lyceum to have a ‘farm’ for the mining of cryptocurrencies in order to strengthen the national economy.

Simultaneously with members of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President noted that one million young people are at this moment part of the Chamba Juvenil Plan and hopes that in the coming months another half a million will be added through the Carnet De La Patria network, a mechanism that allows the population to get immediately the favor offered by the revolutionary government.




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