DigiByte Will Fight Against ASIC Miners

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DigiByte Will Fight Against ASIC Miners

The developers of the DigiByte project (DGB) intend to decentralize their cryptocurrency in the network by constantly changing the mining algorithm, which will make it protected from the presence of miners using specialized ASIC devices.

To date, the developers of several cryptocurrencies have announced that they will go to a variety of technological tricks to “knock out” ASIC-miners from their networks. It is assumed that this will make their cryptocurrencies more attractive for miners who use universal graphics processors in the mining process, which in turn will prevent the concentration of a significant part of computing resources in the hands of individuals and protect networks from associated risks.

Such proposals were discussed, for example, in the Ethereum and Zcash communities. The developers of Siacoin went ahead and realized hardwork to make cryptocurrency mining not available for devices of the companies Bitmain and Innosilicon, but keep the posibility of mining with the use of specialized chips, which are developed by Obelisk company which is affiliated with Siacoin.

The Ethereum Foundation and Filecoin will also develop an ASIC device for Ethereum 2.0, which will be used to perform calculations during the implementation of the provable delay function.


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