Didier Drogba as Cryptocurrency Startup Ambassador

Didier Drogbaa legendary football player is one of the celebrities to enter into the list of sportsmen who have accepted cryptocurrencies this year.

As per the latest news Drogba is the official ambassador for the cryptocurrency-based public network platform All.me. Drogba clarified that he has a lot of hopes concerning the project. He was noticed  wearing a shirt with All.me’s logo to show his persistent support. Drogba he has also started using All.me to share his pictures.

All.me undertakes to share 50% of advertising income with its customers related to factors such as popularity, operation and information content.  ArtakTovmasyan Armenia’s Honorary Consul turned out with the concept in 2015 and mentioned that hitherto, the startup company has increased $30 million. The electronic platform has a hard capitalization of $100 million and its ICO will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018.

So the Ivorian forward, who twice defeated the name of the “African Footballer of the Year”, also installed the Didier Drogba Foundation and granted £3 million to construct a hospital in his city. All his attempts towards helping those who are in need made him an hero in the eyes of the Ivorian nation. Drogba really proves that he truly supports the work All.me designs to do and will receive full support from people in return.



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