Detained Binance Official Admitted in Hospital After Collapsing in Nigeria Court

On Thursday, the Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan was rushed to a hospital after fainting at a court in Abuja, Nigeria. According to Reuters, Gambaryan was arraigned in court on May 23 for money laundering charges. 

Justice Emeka Nwite ordered the Nigerian police to rush Gambaryan to Nizayime Hospital in Abuja for treatment. 

Binance Official Faints in Court

Gambaryan’s short illness created mixed reactions among the Binance team. A statement from Gambaryan’s wife reveals that the Binance executive health condition deteriorated since his arrest.

The wife complianed that the harsh treatment at Kuje prison affected his husband health. She claimed that the Nigerian police exposed Gambaryan and his colleague Nadeem Anjarwalla to unpleasant situations. 

The report indicates that Kuje prison has been home to notorious illicit gangs such as Boko Haram and Islamic terrorists. The two were arrested after honoring Nigerian government invitiation to discuss how Binance contributed to devaluing of naira.

The regulators claimed that Binance’s operation in Nigeria contributed to the sudden plummeting of the naira. After the meeting, the two Binance officials were arrested on April 8 for laundering $35 million and engaging in a tax cheat. 

Nigeria Court Charges to Binance Official for Money Laundering

The arrest came after the Nigerian government enacted measures to stabilize the naira. Recently, the Nigerian government noted a growing demand for dollars against the country’s national currency. The authority complained that dollar demand undermining Nigerian ability to hedge the biting inflation. 

Days after the arrest, his colleague Anjarwalla escaped prison after being escorted for Friday morning prayers. Anjarwalla fled Nigeria to Kenya, where he was later arrested and returned to the West African country.

The legal team representing the two teamed up with Binance to fight for the release of Anjarwalla and Gambaryan. Earlier this month, the Gambaryan defense team requested the court to release their client on bail due to his health condition. 

The court denied Gambaryan bail for pre-trials. The defense lawyers noted that Gambaryan’s stay at Kuje Prison negatively affected his health. The defense lawyers, led by Mark Mordi, urged the court to consider taking Gambaryan on urgent medical care. 

Binance Calls to Release of Detained Officials in Nigeria

Subsequently, Gambaryan’s wife requested the Nigerian to show mercy on humanity and allow the husband to seek medical care. She lamented that Gambaryan was sick and required immediate medical attention.

A source privy to the information stated that after receiving malaria treatment, Gambaryan’s health has been unstable. Also, Binance chief executive Richard Teng called for releasing Gambaryan and Anjarwalla. 

The Binance CEO denied claims that the two officials engaged in money laundering and tax evasion. Teng described Gambaryan as an innocent and mid-level employee in an extremely dangerous prison. 

Despite the attempts to release Gambaryan, the Nigerian court provided no feedback. The court’s reluctance forced Gambaryan to file charges against the Nigerian government for violation of human rights.

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