Despite Market Letdowns, People Will Stay in Crypto, Says CCI CEO

From the time of the cryptocurrency industry’s advent until now, it has been a story of success and disappointment. Its performance has been like any other company that gains a rise in its share prices at one moment, and then a drop in the next.

Although the cryptocurrency industry faces a similar kind of trend, the rise and fall it incurs are much higher than in other industries. One of the major advantages and at the same time, the major advantages of the cryptocurrency industry is volatility.

The industry is known for being so volatile, that it has the potential to make someone with just a few dollars of investment, a millionaire at the moment. There is an unimaginable number of people who have benefited from the cryptocurrency industry’s volatility in the same way.

Unfortunately, there are people who have faced exactly the opposite after making huge investments in the cryptocurrency sector.

Uncertainty Due to Volatility and its Causes

Therefore, the volatility factor makes cryptocurrencies extremely uncertain and risky for the investment community. There are many causes that lead to cryptocurrencies being highly volatile.

The first cause is that almost every cryptocurrency in the crypto-verse has no physical asset backing it up. Then there are regulatory concerns, followed by economic pressure, rise in inflation rates, rise in interest rates, and random factors.

Due to these very factors, the cryptocurrency industry is now in a red zone. People are concerned about their future and do not know which direction the cryptocurrency industry is headed.

The happenings in the crypto-verse since the beginning of 2022 have forced people to think extremely negatively about cryptocurrencies. Now, people want to move or at least want someone highly reputable to provide assurance that the cryptocurrencies are going nowhere.

Sheila Warren Provides the Assurance

The Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI) recently shared her thoughts about the future of cryptocurrencies. It was during the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the year 2022 when she spoke her mind.

She talked about several spaces within the cryptocurrency universe and how they have been working out lately. As per Warren, despite being constant letdowns in general, individual spaces within the crypto-verse have been performing really well.

These spaces include metaverse, NFTs, DAO, and many more. She specifically talked about the future of metaverse and NFTs, and how companies are working for the betterment of their safety.

She added that these spaces have been growing really fast and the major institutions from all over the world are realizing their importance and profitability.

Therefore, everyone wants a piece of them, and that is exactly what will always keep the cryptocurrency industry in demand. No matter the cryptocurrency, it will pick up the pace once the world is out of several conflicts with negative impacts on the industry.

At present, the market valuation of the entire cryptocurrency industry is $1.256 trillion. The trading volume of the entirety of the crypto-verse for the 24-hour period is worth $83.743 billion. Even the major cryptocurrencies seem to be in a pickle but they will soon make a huge comeback. All the investors need to do is get ready for it and things will get back on track eventually.

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