DeNet Provides Unrestricted Number Of Transactions On Blockchain through Emercoin Randpay System

A well known blockchain-based cloud service for storing confidential data named  DeNet has developed Emercoin’s new micropayments system RandPay.

This cooperation of the companies will for the first time ever permit an unrestricted number of transactions on a decentralized Network.

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DeNet was established in 2017 and is aimed on creating an optional variant to centralized cloud services. The solutions of the company ensure anonymity and high level of protection for the customers. Currently DeNet offers four products: DeNet.Storage, DeNet.Hosting, DeNet.Mining and DeNet.Computing.

Emercoin is a blockchain developed from the original Bitcoin blockchain, but with added extras and flexibility.  The company suggests safe, distributed blockchain business services and security services such as EMCSSL and EMCSSH. Among its clients are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Lloyd’s, and Bitfury.

Bitcoin News

Beforehand, the quantity of operations was restricted to seven every second on the Bitcoin blockchain and 16+ on the Ethereum network system. The ordinary and statistical time for one affirmation of payment shifted from minutes to hours, making immediate payments particularly unreal.

Nevertheless, the RandPay innovation technology performs operations quicker, less expensive and more secure. In the meantime the DeNet platform “acquires” the unused computing potential of configurations all over the world to accelerate the procedure.



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