David Gokhshtein Confirms the Resurgence of Bull Run in Crypto Market

David Gokhshtein, the well-known founder of G3Vrse and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, has approved the resurgence of the bull run in the cryptocurrency market. With nearly 700,000 followers on Twitter, Gokhshtein confirmed the return of the bull run in a recent tweet stating, “bull run is back.”

Gokhshtein’s bull run obsession

After Gokhshtein’s tweet, some of his followers responded, with a few noting that he has been tweeting about the return of the bull run frequently on his timeline. One follower stated that in the past month alone, Gokhshtein had tweeted about the bull run’s return up to five times.

In response to the tweet, specific individuals utilized the thread to advocate for their preferred projects, encouraging other Twitter users to consider adopting them. Additionally, some took advantage of the situation to criticize those who had predicted that Bitcoin would experience a drop in value before the onset of the next bull run.

Most of Gokhshtein’s followers seemed to agree with his statement, and many expressed enthusiasm over the possibility of another bull run in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin bucks analyst expectations

At the start of the year, the crypto market, with Bitcoin at the helm, experienced a substantial rally. The price of Bitcoin, which began the year at $16,530, surpassed several resistance levels within the first four weeks of the year. Despite some analysts believing the rally to be deceptive, with expectations of a market drop before a long-term rally, the market continued its upward trend.

After hitting a peak of $25,270, the price of Bitcoin experienced a temporary dip to $19,569. However, the market quickly regained its upward momentum, with the boost coinciding with recent global macroeconomic developments and the challenges faced by traditional banks over the past few weeks.

From the beginning of the year, the price of Bitcoin has increased by 72.2%, bringing it up to a current level of $28,438.92 at the time of this writing.

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