Daily Crypto Market Update – Bitcoin Breaks $28k Once Again

The crypto market has seen $70 million in inflows over the past day. The total market cap is up 5.4% to $1.22 trillion. Bitcoin’s market valuation rose by 5.78% to $547.89 billion, while that of Ethereum surged 5.6% to $221.56 billion.

All top ten cryptocurrencies posted substantial gains, with XRP seeing the most (8.9%) and Cardano coming in second with 7.9%. Others recorded gains of between 2% and 5.1%.

Meanwhile, it appears most investors have made USDT their stablecoin of choice. The coin’s market cap has increased to $79.53 billion. On the other hand, USDC and BUSD have continued to post drops, falling $33.31 billion and $7.74 billion, respectively.


BTC has increased by 4.9% to $28,228. As a result, its market dominance also surged from 46.1% to 46.4%.


ETH surged 3.5% in the past day to trade at $1,799, data from CoinGecko shows. There is no significant movement in its market dominance, which currently stands at 18.71%.

The spike in ETH is fueled by the news about the network’s most awaited Shapella Upgrade slated for April 12.

Top Five Gainers

Kaspa: KAS has posted gains of 56% in the 24 hours to trade at $0.0355. Its market cap has risen to $627.8 million.

SXP: This token surged 50.2% to $0.0438 in the past day. It now has a market valuation of $242.8 million.

Nexa: NEXA has gone up by 36.9% to $0.00001429. The token has a market capitalization of $34.3 million.

Linear: LINA is trading at $0.0123 after posting gains of 34.3% in the past day. It has a market cap of $60.2 million.

Velo: VELO has increased by 32.6% in the past 24 hours. The crypto is now priced at $0.0082 and has a market valuation of $40.7 million.

Top Five Losers

LeisureMeta: LM has declined by 16.3% to $0.123. The token’s market valuation also decreased to $20.6 million.

SafeMoon: SFM dropped by 15.9% to $0.0002 in the past day. It has a market cap of $116 million.

XEN Crypto: XEN has plummeted by 11% to trade at $0.00000121 as of this writing. The token’s market cap dropped to $11.2 million.

Marblex: MBX posted losses of 9.8% to change hands for $2.67. It has a market capitalization of $117.2 million.

Flare: FLR is down 8.1% over the past 24 hours. The token is priced at $0.04, and its market cap is $487.7 million.

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