Customers Can Now Mine Ethereum Thanks To New Antivirus Tool By Norton360

It is now possible to successfully mine Ethereum (ETH) utilizing the latest cybersecurity software provided by Norton. The cybersecurity firm known as NortonLifeLock has successfully launched Norton Crypto, which is a tool that enables various consumers to mine cryptocurrency in a ‘safe’ manner via the Norton360 product.

With this in mind, a few pre-determined 360 users shall be given invitations through which they can take part in the early adopter program scheduled to take place for ETH mining purposes.

The new feature can be used without switching off antivirus

So far, Norton has unveiled plans of opening up this new service to all of 360s 13 million users within the next few months as the year progresses. Norton had also emphasized the fact that this service shall enable the users in question to successfully mine ETH without the need to have the antivirus software be switched off.

Furthermore, Norton had spoken about the possibility of adding support to mine various other major cryptocurrencies in addition to Ethereum, saying that it definitely has plans of doing so in the foreseeable future. Through this eventual implementation, members will supposedly be eligible to receive substantial rewards for their respective computing capacity. 

Norton makes history

Vincent Pilette, the chief product officer for NortonLifeLock, was proud to express his support for the cybersecurity firm being the 1st of its kind to be able to offer services that will allow numerous miners to transform their PCs from being just another piece of technology to something that can actually help them earn a source of passive income.

Moreover, what sets Norton apart is the fact that it may be superior to already existing mining protocols on the count of its increased security. For years, miners all over the world have had to disable whatever security software may have been running on their respective machines in order to successfully mine crypto, which often resulted in suspicious malware and ransomware entering the system.

In order to solve this important issue of security, Norton has stated that the miners who utilize its product shall gain access to Norton’s own cloud-based wallet, which would drastically decrease the chances of losing one’s cryptocurrency as a result of hard drive failure. If this new product by Norton can perform as well as advertised, then the entire landscape of cryptocurrency mining could potentially be significantly altered.

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