Custodian and KYC solutions for ICO projects

Etana Custody
Etana Custody

Custodian and KYC solutions for ICO projects

As a financial Custodian, Etana can help your ICO project by providing it with a safe, transparent and straightforward process for collecting capital from interested parties around the world.


Etana partners with Top rated banks and can provide your ICO project with a structured Custodian Bank account dedicated only for your Project. The bank account will be used only for your project with the main purpose of collecting fiat currency deposits from private and institutional investors who wish to purchase your ICO Tokens.



Main problems that your ICO venture will solve with a Custodian account structure



  • Mitigate your KYC and AML risk exposure by delegating the Compliance risk management to Etana


  • Obtain better public image by providing an extra layer of security to your investors and their capital


  • Protect the collected fiat deposits from unforeseen  events by placing them through a Custodia


Protect the interest of your investors and the people who believe in your company product.

The main purpose of an ICO Token sale is to collect enough capital to realize an idea or to finalize a product or service that is under development. Through ICO everyone can purchase tokens to support your company and obtain future dividends.

With Etana Custody you can protect the interest of your Investors and prevent any reputation damage.

Use the Custodian structure to ensure that the investors Fiat and Crypto deposits will be returned if the ICO project is unable to reach it`s funds raising target.  



How it works

Prior to the start of the ICO, we set up a Custodial account for your project on our Custodian platform. There every investor interested in buying your Token will register and pass KYC.

Depending on your preferences you can choose Etana to act as a Custodian for:

  1. a)       Fiat deposits
  2. b)      Cryptocurrency deposits – BTC and ETH
  3. c)       Both Fiat and Cryptocurrency Custodian

We understand, that the success of the ICO depends also on the available financing. Therefore we will make custom arrangement in order to provide you and your clients the perfect balance between mobility and security of the collected funds.

Fees for Etana`s Custodian solution


Setup fee: $1,500 – paid upon signing contract

Custodian holding fee 0,5% of the Account Value.

Conversion of Fiat to Crypto  and Crypto to Fiat:

We can assist also in fast and secure conversion of Crypto into Fiat currency on flat service fee of 1,6%* from the of the amount.
*May change depending on the volume


KYC & AML risk management


Governments across the globe are expressing concern that anonymous cryptocurrency – while innovative and augering a new wave of future technology – serves as a medium of exchange that facilitates terrorism and criminal activity.


This makes the ICO projects an easy method and target for malicious users who want to invest money without providing any origin of their funds and build new companies or just transfer ownership in exchange for dividends or tokens purchased on special conditions that are not declared anywhere.


Etana Custody provides a standalone service for KYC risk management. With it the ICO project can delegate the compliance customer due diligence work completely to a reliable and experienced 3rd party that uses world leading Customer screening software .


Etana Custody offers 3 levels of screening level as  every higher level includes the one before it:

Stage 1 KYC – Verify that documents are owned by same person and are valid  $0.50

Stage 2 KYC – Do a World Check screening, eliminate the possible matches and provide report to the ICO  $2

Stage 3 KYC – Verification of Document we check if the document is counterfeited $3.50

*  Displayed prices are per User


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