has Announced a Partnership with Coinranking has Announced a Partnership with Coinranking


The world’s first securitised token exchange, has announced the partnership with a cryptocurrency tracking website Coinranking, according to the report.

Netherlands-based Coinranking delivers complete data, including current crypto prices, charts, rankings, various exchanges & much more regarding all crypto coins and tokens.

The partnership of Coinranking and was set to see a development of a completely new asset category, security tokens by Coinranking, which are already added on its platform.

Emphasizing the fact that can connect the world of traditional financial assets with the quite new crypto assets, Coinranking has expressed its enthusiasm that these 2 worlds can meet. On its official Twitter account, Coinranking shared the objectives of the partnership.

As Coinranking states, it expects to make cryptocurrencies available “to everyone, everywhere”. According to,, they share the same philosophy as well, which has become a turning point in this partnership.

As stated, as a result of this cooperation, users will have an option to trade several leading brands around the globe, such as Amazon and Apple.

Little bit more about security tokens

A security token refers to the outcome of the traditional stocks meeting blockchain technology. This is a kind of token that stands for a stake in a company or asset, which is secured on the blockchain. Security tokens can be used to trade real financial assets, including equities as well as fixed income, and use a blockchain technology in order to store as well as validate token transactions.

With the first step, assets are moved onto a blockchain. After all, tokens on the blockchain may be utilized to show ownership in these assets. Now the tokens can be bought and sold on different exchanges, such as on

Security token offerings (STOs) are more susceptible to regulation. That is why STOs are considered a more secure investment alternative than ICOs. An STO on a regulated stock exchange has a significant potential to deliver considerable efficiencies as well as savings in expenses.

Little bit more about is is an award-winning tokenized securities platform that gives the users an option to trade traditional markets with the usage of cryptocurrencies, making complex trading fast as well as easy.

This exchange allows its customers to trade and profit directly in cryptocurrency, without the need to exchange back into traditional currency. also has an app for both iOS and Android that enables the customers to have access to the exchange on the go.

In addition, this exchange allows the users to take advantage of the volatility crypto prices, as well as to trade in popular equities, commodities & indices with a token that mirrors the value of the asset.

On, you have the possibility to trade approximately 1300 tokenized assets particularly with regard stocks, indices, commodities, & FX pairs. has 75 accurate technical indicators that can help the users of the platform to spot the best trading opportunities.

Little bit more about Coinranking

Coinranking platform provides data regarding all digital assets and makes it available for everyone. At present, Coinranking tracks the live crypto prices of 10,319 various coins, the official website states. It also lists 310 different exchanges and has more than 55,000 markets available.

With the belief that one day everyone around the world will own and also use crypto coins and tokens in their everyday lives, the Dutch firm tries to make independent data related to the crypto to the greatest possible number of people worldwide and gives them an option to take advantage of an uncountable number of opportunities that crypto industry provides.

About the most popular and Number 1 Cryptocurrency in the World: Bitcoin

The popularity of crypto coins & tokens is increasing day by day. Crypto and blockchain technology as well get involved in every industry and specter of our lives. 

Being the first and most valued crypto asset, Bitcoin keeps leading the crypto market since its creation. Just a few hours ago the 3rd Bitcoin halving occurred, reducing the number of Bitcoins entering circulation by half.

As a result of this halving, Bitcoin is expected to set a significant growth in its price (at the time of writing, $8,886 USD). Currently, its circulating supply is 18,376,262 with only 2,623,738‬ BTCs left to mined ever.

To learn more about the first and most popular crypto asset, Bitcoin, its price history, technical analysis, check out Bitcoin Price. To stay up to date with the latest BTC price and the entire crypto market movements, check out Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions as well.

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