Cryptocurrency Exchange GOEX Moves To Centralisation

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Cryptocurrency Exchange GOEX Moves To Centralisation

The common idea of cryptocurrencies is the decentralization and the lack of intermediaries that impose their conditions on users. As at the current moment, the governments are not able to control cryptocurrency transactions, then these limitations may be laid by marketplaces or by trading platforms.

Such intermediaries may abuse their position, because of trading platforms have got high demand. Existing cryptotrading platforms are mostly centralized and store clients’ money on their accounts. The high cost of services are possible disadvantages that imposes a negative result on the cryptomarket space.

The exchange can be made naturally between users directly bypassing trading platforms using Peer-to-Peer (P2P). In any case, there is still need for trading platforms. People want to manage their finances without any outside interference, but they need a quick exchange of their crypto currency at the market rate.

Bitcoin News

And for this purpose the GOEX project was created. It is known as a cryptocurrency exchange service, providing fast and reliable exchange at the most profitable prices.

The best reason for creating platforms like GOEX is forecasts about the increase in trading volume of cryptocurrencies. It is likely, that in a few years the digital currencies will dominate on the world financial area.

The lack of services in blockchain technology, such as speed, anonymity, security can lead to a loss of cryptocurrencies popularity.

The are several problems we have to face with cryptocurrencies. The majority of crypto-assets don’t correspond to the philosophy of the blockchain, because of their centralization. The digital currencies have become the favorite targets for hackers. Existing P2P services do not fully solve the security problems. The GOEX project has removed all these disadvantages.

Through the user interface all the information about the prices of cryptocurrencies is available. You can make exchange in a matter of minutes.

There is another interesting fact about GOEX– for rate calculation during exchange average price of similar transactions on the leading crypto exchanges will be taken. According to Executive Director Ethan Collins, such conditions meet all the main requirements of active holders of cryptocurrencies, who will become the main customers of GOEX.


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