Cryptocurrency Apps Are Not Any More Available In Google Play Store

Few days ago American multinational technology company  Google has updated its Play Store. In the updated Play Store the users can find some ban of categories of apps, including cryptocurrency mining ones.

In fact,  Google Play Store is banning anything related to the process of cryptocurrency mining.

Google mentions that it will immediately delete all kind app that can bring to the “sexualization of the minors.” The information about the applications where pictures demonstrate the sexual assault of kids will be reported to Law enforcement authorities and the developers and sellers related with the application will have to remove their Google accounts.

Applications that encourage hate speech, hate propaganda, cruelty, self harm, self-mutilation, discrimination – like sexual orientation or gender, are also banned. That includes apps from terrorist organizations.

There are as well a list of applications which are strongly banned.  Among those are the ones that deal in sexually obvious actions such as suggestive poses, advertising of sex toys and any applications containing the promotion of escort services or pay-for-sex services.

As could have been predicted, apps conducting illegal activities like selling, growing and manufacturing of illegal drugs  will be banned.

Google is trying to solve the main problems having the purpose to reduce the  illegal actions. The company aims to increase the security level of its applications not allowing any personal data, account or financial means to be violated or stolen.


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