Crypto Payments Firm Flexa Adds Support For Shiba Inu

A firm for crypto payments called Flexa – to which the Winklevoss twins support – has incorporated Shiba Inu in the assets that are supported by it, as per its recent declaration. This signifies that the prominent meme coin’s holders now have the potential to utilize it for payment at nearly 40,000 stores throughout the United States. The large list of the merchants supported by it includes GameStop (a seller of video games), Nordstrom (a luxury retailer), Lowe’s (a home improvement firm), Petco (a pet retailer), Bed Bath & Beyond (a home furnishing and domestic merchandise-related firm), Ulta Beauty (a chain of beauty stores) as well as several other prominent retailers.

A swarm of adoption

In the recent month, Regal Cinemas (a chain of movie theatres based in Knoxville) also join Flexa as a collaborator to adopt cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Starbucks also took part in the trial version of the application however it was suddenly excluded from those included in the list of existing merchants regardless of the prevalent photo that represents Wrinklevoss twins taking assistance from the app to make a payment. Spedn (a crypto wallet developed by Flexa that was launched in 2019) is utilized to facilitate payments in cryptocurrencies. Initially, the respective wallet supported the cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, as well as the stablecoin Gemini Dollar.

In May, the payment giant further expanded the scope thereof and included Dogecoin – the prominent meme token – in the series of already supported cryptocurrencies. The payment network automatically transforms crypto into fiat money to prevent the consumers from being indulged in the issues like volatility posed by cryptocurrencies. An ERC-20 based token Amp – that operates as crowdsourced collateral – is utilized to facilitate instant payments.

AMC and Newegg

Shiba Inu token has been skyrocketing during the recent month with having a massive adoption. In the early phase of this week, Newegg – a retailer of electronics – declared regarding the adoption of payments in Shiba Inu. Moreover, AMC (a prominent name in movie theater companies) also contemplates adding the respective crypto token in the early phase of the next year, as per Adm Aron (the firm’s CEO). Furthermore, Bitpay – the biggest crypto payment provider throughout the world – is also supporting Shiba Inu. Nonetheless, the value of the canine token is presently 60.39% low than its all-time high despite such landmark adoptions.

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