Crypto to Gain Prominence and Mass Adoption in Argentina Following Bitso’s Involvement

In recent years, the Latin America (LATAM) region has shown that it is very much into crypto-blockchain technology. It is because of this fondness, the crypto sector keeps growing in the region.

Over time, multiple crypto exchanges have launched their operations in a particular region. Bitso is among the crypto exchanges currently operating in the region and it wants to offer more to its users.

Bitso has Introduced QR Payments

Bitso is among the crypto entities in LATAM that are eager to bring more crypto exposure to the region. It wants to bring crypto to the region as a common asset so no one is hesitant in using that.

It also wants the international audience to know how adaptive the LATAM region is in terms of cryptocurrencies.

In its constant efforts to introduce more utilities for cryptocurrencies, Bitso has launched a new service. The Bitso officials have recently announced that they have finally launched a payments service.

The particular payment service would be based on QR codes, which could be scanned to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

Service is designed for Travelers

The announcement made by the Bitso officials confirms that the service would be available in Argentina. The service would be for travelers who come to visit Argentina and face currency-related issues.

Using the new service offered by Bitso, travelers in Argentina would be able to make purchases using cryptocurrencies.

As per the Bitso spokesperson, the new service has been designed keeping in mind the troubles that travelers have to face as they visit Argentina.

One of the biggest hassles for tourists is access to local currency. Therefore, this is their attempt to make the lives of travelers easier as they come to visit Argentina.

Using the new service, tourists would be able to purchase goods via cryptocurrencies at all merchants. All they would have to do is generate the QR code and scan it with the merchants.

Argentina is among the countries with over a dozen exchange rates for the dollar currency. Therefore, having a QR code to pay in crypto would save tourists from going through all the hassles.

Service Availability

In Argentina, payment technology has grown vast in recent years. Just like China, Argentina has grown used to digital payments involving QR codes.

Therefore, it was the right step taken by Bitso to promote its service, which would eventually promote the cryptocurrencies being used by tourists.

In the initial run, Bitso introduced Ether, Bitcoin, and most of the stablecoins. The exchange may expand its offering for cryptocurrencies, based on the market demand.

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