Grants A Donation To UPen Crypto Research Lab To Enhance Privacy Studies

As the digital industry develops, the requirement for stronger and adaptable security and privacy solutions also continuous to grow.

Refining Security and Privacy Research

Situated in the Chinese city of Hong Kong, cryptocurrency exchange, which is globally known for its impressive security and privacy standards recently stated in an official announcement that they are planning a donation to support the cryptocurrency research laboratory in the University of Pennsylvania, trusting them to perform more research on the improvement of security and privacy policies in this developing digital industry.

The exact amount of the donation wasn’t revealed; however, it was mentioned that this support for research in blockchain will last throughout the upcoming two years.

Additional details regarding the intention behind the fund from were also revealed through an official blog post, issued by The post highlighted that the distributed funds will be used to arrange different studies that focus on how advanced cryptography and programming could be utilized to tackle the issues of security and privacy that occur in currently operated blockchain projects.

CEO of, Eric Anziani stated that the emphasis towards supporting the cryptocurrency research lab at the University of Pennsylvania is extremely “valuable” for many blockchain-based projects, as experts will continue their journey towards finding unique approaches to enhance proficiency in fields of security and privacy. Eric added that exchange is very pleased to support the lab and its efforts towards the desired goals.’s Past Hustles

This move from is not the first time that the exchange has supported research facilities regarding blockchain tech. Back in the month of April, the exchange had also introduced support for research in digital currencies at MIT, said to last a time span of nearly four years. also took part in the release of the Secure Blockchain Initiative in connection with the Carnegie Mellon University back in March, mainly intended to amplify security levels of blockchain and promote superior perception of advanced virtual ecosystems.

Additionally, also managed to acquire a membership with the Blockchain Association of Singapore, bringing its image on par with globally recognized companies such as VISA, Ledger, Tezos and many others who have been actively working to enhance blockchain tech. Another huge recent development involved shaking hands with Shopify, letting customers have access to more alternative ways of payments.     

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