Flagship NFT collection Launches Game on Cronos Chain, through its NFT collection, Loaded Lions, has launched a game known as Mane City on the Cronos Chain. The game is the first ever launched by, a top crypto exchange with headquarters in Singapore.

This is in line with the company’s recent decision to enter the gaming sector of the web3 ecosystem. Gaming is a fast-growing aspect of the web3 and blockchain industry, and many, including are moving into it.

Speaking on the launch, global head of growth, Henrik Johansson, Global Head of Growth said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Cronos on advancing Web3 gaming with the launch of Loaded Lions: Mane City on the Cronos Chain. This is the first-ever game for Loaded Lions, our flagship NFT collection, and we hope our community finds the experience exciting and engaging as we pioneer and evolve the technology. Blockchain gaming is an important and growing feature of the Web3 ecosystem, and we will continue to build and support innovations in our effort to expand our reach and improve our offerings.”

As gaming is also a priority area for Cronos Chain, the company was excited to work towards the release. Also commenting on the launch, Managing Director of Cronos Labs, Ken Timsit said:

“Launching the Loaded Lions: Mane City game on the Cronos Chain has been an exciting project and one that has enabled collaboration with our Cronos Play SDK to good effect. GameFi in particular is a high priority for our ecosystem development and it is important that we continue to diversify our dApp offerings in our quest to onboard the next billion users to Web3 and DeFi. I truly hope that all Loaded Lions and First Frontier NFT holders and other users can enjoy this new experience with the seamless support of our chain.”

The game is a tycoon simulation game Developed in close collaboration with Cronos Play’s SDK team. It depicts players designing and building their dream cities and mansions with gold and diamonds generated from the in-game land that they own, alongside businesses they build on them such as gyms, banks and music stores.

The Gameplay

For players to access and play Loaded Lions: Mane City, they need to own a land NFT from’s “Land – The First Frontier” NFT collection. While the collection is sold out, players can still buy them on the secondary market on NFT or Minted. Each land NFT represents a plot of land in the game that players can use to build their own cities with Mane City.

The First Frontier Land NFT collection is distributed across an equal number of deeds, with five rarity levels in total – Starter, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. The rarity level directly affects the number of open sites to build the Businesses which reward players with Gold, and also affects the amount of Diamonds that players can passively generate.

Players who own a Loaded Lions NFT will also enjoy exclusive perks such as in-game boosters that can speed up their in-game progression.

More to Come

The game has just launched in Beta, but the developers promise constant evolution with new features for better playability and excitement for all Mane City players. Some of the features to come include a competitive mode, new ways for players to invite friends without Land NFTs to join the fun, additional NFT integrations, and more.

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