Corey Johnson Represents The Ripple XRP As A Cryptocurrency Next Generation

Corey Johnson Represents The Ripple XRP As A Cryptocurrency Next Generation

Journalist and analyst Cory Johnson has joined Ripple as head of strategic division. Johnson will work closely with the strategic division to develop plans to promote Ripple in global financial markets.

This choice is not accidental. Few reporters have the skill set and trust that Johnson has. As a journalist, he was involved in investigations into organized crime and sports, as well as research into the boom of Internet companies, mobile phones, cloud technologies and blockchain. Therefore, his opinion is very weighty, both for the technical and financial industry.

– I believe in Ripple, and I’m convinced that they have a truly revolutionary technology. But I am also convinced that the market is now filled with cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. This makes it overly confusing and bloated. The whole world is trying to understand cryptocurrencies, and the role of blockchain in it, so my role here is to help investors, financial institutions, and regulators understand not only how XRP fits into the modern market, but also the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the market in General, ” Johnson said in a Ripple press release.

For reference, Johnson is one of the editors-in-chief of SLAM and Vibe magazines, and he is the Creator of a daily program on Bloomberg television called Bloomberg West.

Johnson also commented on the latest news that Facebook and Google have banned anonymous cryptocurrency and ICO ads. Despite the fact that he now works at Ripple, he says that his reaction to the news was positive, since, in his opinion, the cryptocurrency market needs regulation, including this.


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