Corda Blockchain Platform Had A Great Effect In Insurance Group

Blockchain innovation technology has been accepted in a lot of greatest and most prosperous industries over the world.

Therefore, when the largest blockchain insurance consortium on the planet, B 3 i, declared that they would be using R3’s Corba platform to create future products.

In fact there can be a lack of shock, but there surely wasn’t a lack of trembling as the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative (B3i) declared that they will use the platform to subsequent a prototype reinsurance blockchain.

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The team, which was founded by Allianz, Aegon and Swiss Re  also showed that they will apply a smart contract structure to decrease documentation work.

In the press release which was provided by the team has been stated that B3i “summarized that the Corda platform suggests the best blockchain accessible resolution, offering a strong basis for B3i to rationally supply business value to its clients.”

Their CTO Richard Brown said: “We are delighted that B3i has selected Corda as its preferred platform and our engineering team is looking forward to working closely with the excellent team at B3i to bring their innovative solutions to market.”

It’s an exciting step within the financial industry and one that is certainly to cause sweep within the insurance world.



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