Cool Valley Mayor To Mine BTC For His Town Residents

Jayson Stewart, the long-term Mayor of cool valley, a secluded town in the mid-western state of Missouri, has said that he will mine Bitcoin, solely for his citizens because they deserve it.

He made the announcement on his Twitter page, where he is infamously known as a liberal leader and had always voiced his pro-crypto opinions. The mayor earnestly believes that the advent of decentralized tech and cryptocurrency can precisely solve problems unknowingly caused by centralized financial systems and create a more wholesome fiscal policy. Earlier this year, he promised to airdrop Bitcoin worth $1000 to his citizens.

Stewart’s Developmental Plan

Although he has noble intentions, Mayor Stewart had once failed to deliver on his promise. This was when he previously promised his citizens an airdrop of Bitcoin worth $500. This, when considered strategically can be considered a success, as his promise and subsequent failure caught the attention of crypto community members nationwide.

The little town of Cool Valley was in the spotlight briefly in the crypto world, as community members nationwide applauded Stewart’s heroic attempt to better improve the standard of living of his residents. Funds were raised for him across the country, this enabled him to double his initial promise of airdropping $500 to $1000 worth of Bitcoin, thereby fulfilling his promise to his citizens in a grand style.

His new impulse to mine Bitcoin can be attributed to his earlier airdrop success. Details of the timeline for the project’s commencement and conclusion  was not provided by Stewart. In response to his tweets, users have embraced his goal of mining Bitcoin to improve his citizens’ quality of life but as he hasn’t announced an actual plan, numerous speculations are being made, that the mayor wishes to utilize the town area water reservoir to fuel a hydropower mining station that will enable the town to stay clean. 

The feasibility of this project remains to be seen as the mayor has maintained a social media silence with regards to the project after his previous announcement.

Decentralized Digital Systems and Cryptocurrency In The United state

The U.S is currently the largest cryptocurrency country after overtaking china earlier this year, in August. Since then it has seen major developments and innovations across all sectors of its economy nationwide, of which majority of the recorded success, can be attributed to its massive investments in the industry. With the paradigm shift of web network protocols, seeing web 3 network protocols being preferred to web 2 network protocols, the importance of decentralized systems is once again highlighted. In view of this, various visionary political and socioeconomic leaders have been clamoring for a radical upgrade, to be initiated nationwide so as to allow the country to maintain its economical edge, in the constantly evolving cryptocurrency metaverse.

Decentralized digital systems generally describe a system unlike traditional systems that allows for direct interaction, between and amongst various nodes in the space it is designed for. In the case of decentralized financial systems, the ‘nodes’ here are the different buyers and sellers while the ‘space’ can be considered as the financial market space. 

There is a noticeably sharp increase in the adoption decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies in the country, with states like Florida, New York and Texas integrating decentralized finance into their systems, and pioneering the receiving and paying of funds in cryptocurrency. Major national and international corporations are now partnering with decentralized network firms and major exchanges to roll out new, upgraded blockchain leveraged services for their customer base.   

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