CoinZoom, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is releasing a new CoinZoom Visa Card that converts crypto coins into traditional currencies instantly. The new debit card can be used everywhere that accepts Visa Pin, contactless and chip payments. The CoinZoom Visa Card will be launching by the end of 2019.

Before using the card to do shopping, the customer should choose the currency that they are using. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of CoinZoom, Todd Crosland, stated that the the popularity of Visa as a payment network is very beneficial to CoinZoom. Yet, the exchange is not the first cryptocurrency-related company that collabored with Visa to create a crypto debit card.

The Visa debit card by Wirex is considered widely used in the European Union, which supports numerous crypto coins and offers a Bitcoin cashback of 0.5 percent. The Visa card of Bitpay can be utilized to make purchases worldwide in the United States.

The CoinZoom card is going to have some features that will set it apart from the other ones. CoinZoom is also releading a crypto trading application for smartphones that will be available iOS and Android that will have a virtual version of the exchange’s debit card. The application will also be used to monitor and control your crypto funds.

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