CoinTracker Report: The Top Crypto Cities in the United States

CoinTracker Report: The Top Crypto Cities in the United States


Bitcoin tax software and crypto portfolio manager CoinTracker has published a statement comparing the crypto ownership across major cities in the United States. The statement includes the data of CoinTracker anonymized United States users from 2013 to 2020.

As the statement uncovers, the top 4 ranked cities by average crypto portfolio size are all in San Francisco Bay Area. The top ranked city is San Francisco, where a CoinTracker user has in average around $55,000 in his crypto portfolio. Next come Palo Alto with $39,000, Oakland with $35,000, then San Mateo with $30,600. New York is on the 6th position with $22,966 and Los Angeles is on the 24th with $10,216 average crypto wealth per CoinTracker user.

Like everywhere around the globe, also in the United States the top crypto that people invest in the most is Bitcoin. 50.3% of all crypto wealth among CoinTracker users is in Bitcoin. Ether comes next with 28.7%, then USDT with 4.1%, etc.

It should be noted that in several areas, people mostly have created wealth by investing in Ethereum. In the United States, San Diego is the leading city in concentration of Ether wealth. 66% of their users’ wealth is coming from that crypto asset. Crypto portfolio users from San Francisco have also made over half of their crypto wealth from Ethereum. It’s also worth noting that San Francisco has the most crypto users followed by New York and Los Angeles.


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