CoinePro Review- Trading with the Best Features and Conditions

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In today’s tough economic climate, it is not surprising that many people are struggling to make ends meet. No matter how much you work, you will find yourself facing tough financial situations, which can often stand in the way of your goals and dreams. People want to save for retirement, go on vacations or enjoy financial freedom, but this is easier said than done on a fixed paycheck. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to earn substantial amounts of money quickly? This is where online trading comes in. It opens up endless opportunities as there are thousands of instruments that can be traded in world markets to make a profit.

Even though trading is not a new concept, only after technological advancement has it become so accessible to people. Previously, it was not that easy to get started as it is today. Nowadays, you don’t even have to step out of your home to do so. The most appealing aspect of trading is that it doesn’t require heavy investments and doesn’t have any strict requirements that you need to comply with. You don’t have to have a specific qualification or even experience to begin your online trading journey. But, what you do need is a broker.

This has remained consistent, even after the advent of online trading because how will you access the markets? How will you make trades? This is where brokerages step in because their job is to provide traders with market access and trading software through which they can earn as much as they want. With the influx of people in the trading market, it was a given that demand for brokers would increase. To cope up with the rise in demand, a huge number of brokerages have been set up. One of these brokerages is CoinePro.

CoinePro Review

It is one of the leading financial institutions in Europe and has established itself as one of the top Forex and CFD brokers that can provide traders with a well-rounded trading experience. Sure, it is natural for people to hesitate in signing up with any brokerage because if you have done some research, then you are aware about the scams in online trading. Due to the popularity of this market, there have been different types of scams that have been conducted and brokerage scams are at the top. A number of shady brokerages were set up by scammers to fool naïve traders.

Thus, you can easily find stories of many people who had their funds stolen and their identities compromised. They had to deal with a lot of hassle because either the brokers were scams or simply didn’t have appropriate security measures to protect their information and money from hackers. This means that choosing a broker is not a decision that can be made within a few minutes. It requires thorough research and understanding of the broker’s features and background before you can commit to them. In addition, it is essential to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be used here.

A broker that might suit some traders may not be the right choice for you because your priorities may be different. Some traders are more focused on the assets that are available for trading while others want to keep their trading costs as low as possible. You need to consider your priorities and then make a final decision. This applies in the case of CoinePro as well. The broker has an exemplary reputation and is known for delivering the highest standard of trading services to traders all over the world. They provide you a great package in the form of strong regulatory status and all the support and guidance you may need.

Moreover, CoinePro has become known for delivering maximum value, thanks to their professional team. The broker was founded by a group of traders with experience in risk management, trading strategies and cryptocurrencies. This enabled them to provide their clients with fast execute, best training and trading tools and a spectacular asset index not available elsewhere. All of this has allowed the broker to reach new heights of popularity in a very short span of time.

In order to make up your mind, you need to consider the different services and aspects of CoinePro. Find out about them below:

CoinePro- Security and Privacy

As mentioned above, security and privacy issues are real and not something that can be ignored just because a broker is charging very low trading fee. In fact, it could be deemed as a red flag because scammers often charge low costs to lure people and then exploit them. Security and privacy are two elements that cannot be ignored or taken lightly because they can lead to disastrous consequences. The team behind CoinePro has had firsthand experience in the market and are well-aware of these concerns. Therefore, their security measures and privacy policies are worth noting.

To prevent outsiders from gaining access and to minimize the risk of hacks and frauds, CoinePro has implemented the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy. The first policy is for verifying the identity of any and every individual that makes an account with the broker. They have to give proof of ID and proof of address to confirm that it is not a fake or shady account created by a scammer looking to get inside information or do anything illegal. Proper documentation is required, such as ID card, passport or driver’s license for proof of ID and bank statement or utility bill for proof of address.

As for the AML policy, it requires pictures of credit or debit cards, if they are to be used. Also, traders have to use accounts or cards in their own name as third party accounts are not supported. The broker also uses 128-bit encryption for keeping all communications and data secure and firewalls for keeping hackers out. In the case of privacy, no personal information is shared with an outside party without the traders’ consent. The information is only stored for administrative purposes and is not used in any advertisement or other activities.

Thanks to these policies, you can rest assured that your security and privacy is taken care of when you opt for CoinePro for your trading needs. Their security and privacy policies are published on their website and you can go over them for your satisfaction.

CoinePro – The Availability of Trading Products

The next priority of a trader is to consider the trading products offered by a brokerage. Yes, there are traders who may want to trade just a single instrument, but most people who have knowledge of how the market works understand the value and benefits of diversification. Hence, even if they start out with just one product, they want to have the option of expanding their portfolio when they feel comfortable. This is where CoinePro accommodates everyone because the broker has a massive range of trading products available, which are spread across different markets.

You can trade a whopping 1,253 trading instruments at CoinePro, a variety that’s only offered by a handful of brokers in the market. The best thing about this brokerage is that it offers you the top and profitable options in every category, thereby ensuring that you can earn maximum profits. Whether you like taking risks or prefer to trade products that are less volatile, CoinePro can provide you with great options. Some of the assets that you can trade at CoinePro are:


First and foremost, CoinePro gives its clients the perfect opportunity to trade in one of the oldest markets in the world. With this broker, you can buy and sell shares of some of the most renowned companies in the world. CoinePro gives you access to shares of companies like Apple, Google, Coca Cola and more and also provides you with low spreads and great trading tools.


One of the less volatile yet profitable category that you will find on CoinePro is that of commodities. The greatest perk of this market is that it gives you access to a variety of instruments because you can choose from soft commodities like corn, coffee and wheat and you also have the option of trading hard commodities that include natural energies like oil. As a matter of fact, you also have the option of trading commodities like precious metals on CoinePro like gold, silver and even diamonds. These can give you solid returns in the long run as they are a store of value and can also protect you from economic issues.


If you are looking for a lucrative and exciting option in terms of trading products, you cannot go wrong with indices at CoinePro. The broker has added a variety of stock indices that are quite profitable and can help you get a high return on investment. FTSE 100, NASDAQ, DOW JONES and S&P500 are just some of the options that you can choose from.


One of the world’s biggest financial market, Forex allows you to trade a huge range of currency pairs. You can find major, minor and exotic and rare currency pair at CoinePro, which can be traded for earning excellent returns. The market is accessible 24/7 via the broker’s trading platform and they have added cutting edge trading tools to assist traders during trading.


Perhaps, one of the greatest additions to CoinePro’s asset index is that of cryptocurrencies. These are extremely volatile, but have become the decade’s biggest financial instrument. Traders have earned millions via crypto trading and CoinePro has added a number of these to their asset index to accommodate their traders. You can find options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and plenty of other options. In fact, the broker has also added a Crypto Volatility Index by BIPA that can be immensely useful during trading.

CoinePro – Trading Account Options

Opening an account with the broker is a prerequisite of trading. In order to begin, you have to create an account because it will maintain a history of all your activity with the broker. This includes all your trades, account statement, balance and your personal information. It is the norm for brokers to offer multiple account options, especially those who are catering to traders from all backgrounds including novices and experts. While CoinePro has also added account choices like its counterparts, the broker has made them quite different and unique due to the addition of numerous features and perks. There are three options in total and you can choose one as per your comfort level. These options are:


Requiring a minimum deposit of $500, CoinePro’s first account option is called the Micro account, which is developed for novice and beginner traders with absolutely no trading experience. This account comes with basic features to suit these traders. The broker offers static spreads, the minimal lot size is 0.1 and traders can also get access to a financial calendar, news feed and trading platform Optima. The leverage given under this account is 200, as the traders are just getting started and too much leverage can result in heavy losses. A personal manager is also included for guidance and assistance.


The second account option is the Starter account and CoinePro has set a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000 with this account. To reward traders, the broker gives a welcome bonus of 25%. This account is meant for those traders who do have some trading exposure and know the basics enough to benefit from the higher leverage of 300. They also have a minimal lot size of 0.5 and access to Masters Partial is provided under this account.


The third account option is more for expert and professional traders who have a very high trading volume. Therefore, CoinePro has set a minimum deposit requirement of $50,000 for this account. As for the additional features, the broker has given traders a welcome bonus of 50%. Moreover, their leverage needs are higher so the broker has increased it once more to 400, which is the highest leverage available. The minimal lot size for this account is 1.

These are the account choices you can explore at CoinePro. For the registration process, you only have to share some basic details. These include your first and last name, email, password, location, address and phone number. You also need to choose from EUR, USD and GBP as your account currency. The only requirement is to be at least 18 years of age in order to avail the broker’s services.

CoinePro – Range of Trading Tools

Trading requires a number of calculations and analysis because prices can change within seconds or minutes. Therefore, you have to be constantly on your toes and even then, you might miss out on a lot of opportunities. So, how to take advantage of them? This is where trading tools can be helpful and thanks to technological development, a wide array of such tools have been introduced in the market. To provide its clients with the best experience, CoinePro has added some of the most sophisticated trading tools to its offerings. Some of the tools that you can use when you use the broker’s services are:

  • Economic Calendar: One of the most popular and widely used trading tools these days is this one. The purpose of this calendar is to show upcoming economic announcements, events and news. Setting up filters like the currencies or assets affected and the event importance takes only a few minutes. It can help you make decisions like when to open or close a trade to maximize profits.
  • Risk Management: Perhaps, the most effective and useful trading tools are those that deal in risk management. Risk is inherent in trading, but this doesn’t mean that steps cannot be taken to minimize it as much as possible. There are trading tools that are designed for this specific purpose, such as Stop Limit and Stop Loss orders. Such tools ensure that you don’t suffer from hefty losses. There is also Guaranteed Stop and Trailing Stop. CoinePro offers you these trading tools to prevent you from worrying about losing your investment completely.
  • Central Bank Ratings: CoinePro also provides its traders access to the official interest rates of major central banks in North and South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia-Pacific Region and more. It updates any changes, which can be immensely helpful because you can determine what impact it will have on your trades.
  • Currency and Forex Converter: These tools can also come in handy, particularly when you are trading forex currencies and can help you avoid any miscalculations that can affect your bottom line.

CoinePro – Educational Resources and Guides

It is not just trading tools that can help traders in earning high returns; knowledge and skills can also make a big difference. If you don’t know how the market works, how will you be able to do anything? It is important to understand the different aspects of trading. There is a lot of jargon involved, which means you should know what specific words mean. You should also learn how to develop trading strategies because these can be used in different situations to earn profits and keep losses under control. Likewise, traders also need guidance about how to use trading tools to the best of their ability.

The problem is that finding this information on the internet can be difficult because you cannot determine the accuracy and authenticity of the data available. To eliminate this confusion, CoinePro has provided trading guides and educational resources to their clients. The broker has created an entire section that’s dedicated to this purpose. The best thing about this section is that it is not just helpful for beginners and newbies who don’t have any knowledge; even skilled traders can find a lot of useful material about improving strategies.

There are introductory videos that explain how the market works, detailed courses that cover all the various aspects of trading, financial knowledge that helps in learning how tools work and trading video tutorials about different types of trading. There are advanced in-depth courses for traders as well. Furthermore, CoinePro has also added platform usage tutorials that are meant to guide traders about how to use the broker’s services to their advantage.

CoinePro – Trading Platform Options

The trading platform offered by a broker is also crucial because it is the tool you use for executing your trades and managing them. CoinePro has provided its clients with several trading platforms to choose from. They have included the Optima trading platform, one that has been especially developed for easy and efficient trading. Powered by innovative technology, it works without any hitches and is fully customizable, which makes it a convenient choice for traders. If you are looking for a more flexible option, the WebTrader is also available, which can be used for easy access via the web browser.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t lack in terms of trading features and tools and is just as far in executing trades and showing results in real time. One-click trading is supported and you can enjoy charting tools and custom indicators at your discretion. Most importantly, CoinePro has recognized the fluid world we live in and so it has added mobile iOS and Android apps for its traders. This allows them to trade on the move and have access to their CoinePro accounts without any hassle. These mobile apps are fully functional and loaded with a ton of tools that can make a huge difference in trading experience.

Bottom Line

No matter what aspect you consider, CoinePro seems to have excelled in every regard. The team behind the platform has developed a comprehensive trading solution for traders, regardless of whether they have just started trading or have been around the market. It also offers excellent trading conditions that leave a lot of room for growth. Even in banking, the broker has added a horde of options to simplify the process for its clients. You can trade the asset of your choice and have a seamless experience with CoinePro.

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