The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced a new service – direct conversion between cryptocurrencies. The administration of the site claims that the new type of operations will be more profitable for users who no longer have to pay double Commission for individual transactions. Now six coins are available for cross-crypto conversion.

Even now, the exchange’s clients can exchange Bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, 0x or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The service is available on the Coinbase website, as well as in the mobile app on iOS and Android. It is reported that the conversion is “instant” and at a better price.

“We will launch a new cryptocurrency conversion feature for our users in 34 countries where Coinbase offers payment services,” the statement said.

Earlier, we reported that the Coinbase intends to register trademark BUIDL, which became known from the published patent application.  “BUIDL” is a popular term in the crypto community for the creation and development of new blockchain technologies. This word is formed by analogy with the common term HODL.

Recall that, at the beginning of 2017, Coinbase tried to patent security systems for a host computer that stores private keys, claiming that in this way it tries to protect private keys from potential problems.


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