Circle Partners with Overdare to Introduce  USDC Payouts for Content Creators

In its recent report, the prominent stablecoin issuer Circle entered into a strategic partnership with a metaverse-based gaming platform, Overdare. The partnership aims to enable Circle to expand the use case of USDC in the gaming sector.

For months, the Overdare team has been exploring ways to allow content creators to earn from their artistic work. This forced the creator of Overdare Krafton Inc. and Naver Z to invest in integrating additional features to offer the game enthusiast an impressive experience.

Circle Partners with Overdare

According to the announcement, the Circle team plans to launch programmable wallets on the Overdare platform. The integration of the programmable wallet will allow the content creators to receive their USDC payouts through the Overdare platform. 

This integration of Circle Wallet came before the official launching of the Overdare platform. According to the press release, the Krafton and Naver Z team anticipate launching the Overdare platform in Q2 of 2024. 

The developers confirmed that the Overdare platform is tailored to meet the needs of the game enthusiast. Firstly, the Overdare platform will allow the developers to create in-game wallets on the Circle platform. The content creators will use these Web3 wallets to receive payment in USDC.

An announcement conveyed by the chief executive of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, demonstrated that the partnership with Overdare offers content creators a platform to earn from their projects. 

The CEO was pleased to support the growth of the content creator ecosystem by providing them with secure Web3 wallets. Allaire believes the partnership with Overdare will bring innovation to the Web3 sector.

Circle Vows to Support Creator Industry

In support of Allaire’s remarks, the chief executive of Overdare, Henry Park, demonstrated that Circle significantly promotes user interaction in the digital sector. The CEO recognized the Circle is a compliant and trustworthy company.

Mr Park believes that the partnership with Circle will boost the creator economy. The CEO expects creators to access their earnings easily through Circle programmable wallets. 

The executive explained that integrating the Circle programmable wallets on the Overdare platform will ensure transparent revenue distribution to the content creators. The Overdare team plans to shift to IP trading and USDC revenue payouts.

Features of Overdare 

The official confirmed that the Overdare platform was launched in 2023 to offer game enthusiasts a platform to play exclusive non-fungible games. Driven by the desire to provide the players with impressive experiences, the Overdare team will leverage the power of artificial intelligence technology. 

According to the announcement, Overdare will utilize the Unreal Engine 5 mechanism that allows content creator to improve their crafts. The new NFT game will also enable Overdare users a to build custom avatars and interact with other content creators.

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