On Tuesday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China relieved a list of crypto projects based on ranks. There were totally thirty seven projects included in the list as two were added after the last update of it.

The ranking was done by the Center for Information and Industry Development and the evaluation was made based on the technology, viability as well as creativity. The top three crypto projects are EOS, Ethereum and, last but not least, TRON. This blockchain-based project entered the list in February 2019, where it was ranked second. However, in the updated list Ethereum took the place of TRON.

Currently, Bitcoin is ranking eleventh and is up by one since the last list. In addition, Bitcoin Cash improved its position and went up three spots ranking twenty sixth.

The two crypto projects that were added to the list were Cosmos and Ziliqa. Cosmos has a unique architecture being a network where different blockchains can co-exist and interact with one another. Right now, it ranks tenth in the list right after STEEM.

On the other hand, Ziliqa utilizes a smart contract language called Scilla in order to make their platform more secure. The project currently ranks twenty four after Stratis.

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