A Chief Scientist from Quebec Denies Dismissing Crypto Worries

The office of Quebec’s Chief Scientist hasn’t downplayed the concerns about the illegal use of cryptocurrencies.

On Thursday, several media organizations published articles with headlines quoting Chief Scientist Remi Quirion as saying that “bitcoin is not above the law, nor is it a magnet for illicit transactions.”

The comments appeared in an article produced by the Agence Science-Presse – a non-profit news agency – and were published on the Chief Scientist’s government website.

Titled “Bitcoin above the law? False,” the article is part of the agency’s fact-checking series “Detecteur de rumeurs” and was produced independently of Quirion’s office.

The article considers the merit of common platform made by government authorities, financial institutions and regulators, that criminals use digital currencies to make illegal activities, such as money theft or financial terrorism.

The piece concludes that bitcoin “makes up only tiny amount of criminal money in circulation around the world,” adding that the reason for this is “it is less attractive for those wishing to carry out transactions without leaving a trace.”

Quirion, the Quebec’s first Chief Scientist is responsible for advising the Economy Minister for developing of research and science. Also he treats activities related to Quebec Research Funds for culture, health and society.



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