ChainPoint International Blockchain Conferance in Armenia

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ChainPoint International Blockchain Conferance in Armenia

On November 14th the first stage of ChainPoint 18 took place in Yerevan, Armenia. The main purpose of the conference was to present business opportunities and proposals of the regional tech ecosystem by uniting in one place and over one question the global blockchain professionals.

The organizer – “Nooor” Armenian Blockchain Association, promises an exclusive two-day program, where you can get first-hand expertise and networking opportunities from leading crypto-thinkers, experts, investors and entrepreneurs in blockchain technologies.

The main themes of the program were Blockchain in the Economy and International Trade, Tokenization and Investments, Innovative Payment Systems and Regulation and Legal Frameworks of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

During the conference the global issues regarding blockchain system and cryptocurrency adoption have been discussed and new solutions have been offered to all the above mentioned themes.

In an exclusive interview to, CEO of Belarus Blockchain Association Stanislav Basko spoke about accepting cryptocurrency as a global payment method:

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“I will actually say it is not possible now, as the situation is critical and now there are no appropriate conditions, as there are a lot of economic and legal obstacles. Also governments and financial-banking systems from all the world will be huge barriers to integrate a decentralized payment system, as they will not be able to monitor and tax the transactions. However, we can speak about it in 5-10 years”.

The CEO and Co-founder of DeStream, Tachat Igityan spoke about the integration of blockchain system in the daily life of people:

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“The solution will be found within a time, when all around will speak about the blockchain and they will be able to understand it. Also there can be a question if they need to understand and know about it. There can be a new currency that will be more secure not because of the innovative technology but because of its stability”.








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