Chainlist (CLIST) to Hit a High of $0.003331 or Plummet to $0.0006113

It was back in mid-February when the value of Chainlist (CLIST) was at a (then) high price of $0.0005558 per CLIST price. However, due to the general crypto-market situation at that time, the price Chainlist started plummeting.

The value for the CLIST/USDT pair dipped because the investors lost faith in keeping up with the bullish trend for Chainlist. As a result, the value of Chainlist continue dipping and by March 13, Chainlist’s value went all the way down to $0.0002186 per CLIST.

Chainlist Buyers Finally Prevail

As the value of Chainlist dipped to a low of $0.0002186 per CLIST, it would have fallen below the breakdown point. This was the time when the buyers came into action and started resisting against the bears with strong buying sentiments.

As a result, the value of Chainlist started elevating gradually. In the past 24-hours, the buyers have increased their buying power, which has resulted in triggering a 211.26% rally in the past 24-hours. This has pushed the value of Chainlist all the way up to $0.0008386 per CLIST.

Current Sentiments of the Investors

According to the technical analysis for Chainlist, the overall sentiments of the investors are positive. At the moment, more than 50% of the total investors are aiming to acquire Chainlist than the sellers. For now, around 30% of the total investors are willing to sell Chainlist, to push its price lower.

Given the rally in the past 24-hours, the moving averages and the moving oscillators are all within the bullish zone. Even the relative strength index for Chainlist is over 53, which means that the value of Chainlist may continue increasing.

This means that overall, the sentiments of the investors are positive, which is promising for the bulls. The bulls may continue using the positive sentiments to their advantage, which would result in pushing Chainlist’s value higher than the current mark.

Price Orientation of Chainlist

As the sentiments of the investors remain high, they may continue aiding the bulls, which would result in pushing Chainlist more into the resistance zone. Once Chainlist is within the resistance zone, the first resistance mark it would hit would be $0.001724 per CLIST.

As the bulls keep pushing through the strong defenses of the bears at the resistance points, Chainlist’s value may increase to $0.001724 per CLIST.

With the investors’ sentiments increasing in favor of Chainlist’s acquisition, the value of Chainlist may surge to $0.002635 and then grow up to $0.003331 per CLIST.

On the contrary, the bears may come into action, and try to push the price of Chainlist to the negative side. This would cause the price of Chainlist to get pushed down to $0.0007547 per CLIST.

If the bears keep building more pressure, the price of Chainlist may get pulled down to $0.0006792 per CLIST. With a stronger sell-off coming in for Chainlist, its price may dip to $0.0006113

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