CEVA LOGISTICS Announces Blockchain Technological Partnership With IBM & MAERSK

As part of a long-term initiative, CEVA Logistics announces a partnership with IBM and Maersk. The joint solution of TradeLens is based on blockchain technology and increases the level of transparency in the supply chain of customers.

CEVA constantly checks, evaluates and analyzes concepts on the market, such as blockchain, to determine how they can be applied to the company’s network. Identification of the applicable areas of supply chain management in order to increase value to its customers has always been a key objective of CEVA.  A new partnership with IBM and Maersk is the first result of this work.

CEVA is becoming one of more than 90 organizations worldwide participating in the global TradeLens solution, which also includes more than 20 port and terminal operators, customs authorities and 3PLs. TradeLens allows several trading partners to collaborate, creating a single general view of the transaction without any damage. All this is aimed at creating strong, interconnected networks that work in accordance with world standards.

Other initiatives are under development and will be presented in the coming months. In addition, the commercial cooperation between CEVA and its CMA CGM shareholder will influence the digitization of both companies with the already started negotiations on potential synergies.


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