CertiK Moves its Cloud Infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud

In its advanced communication, the prominent blockchain security firm CertiK announced that it had successfully integrated its Asian cloud infrastructure into Alibaba Cloud. The CertiK team stated that the migration to Alibaba Cloud aimed at expanding the company’s security offering. 

The company plans to leverage the power of Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to improve the security, reliability, and efficiency of CertiK tools.

CertiK Moving to Alibaba Cloud

Having supported tracing and recovering hundreds of thousands of stolen funds, CertiK believes cybersecurity remains a critical element amid the changes in the financial world. 

Reflecting on how cloud computing has become a transformative force in communication, CertiK restated the need to enhance cybersecurity. The security firm believes blockchain technology will be critical in redefining the cloud computing sector. 

CertiK noted that the decentralized nature of blockchain supports integrating Web3 applications, smart contracts, and other advanced technologies into cloud computing. 

An announcement conveyed by the co-founder of CertiK, Professor Ronghui Gu, states that the security firm had been trying to integrate blockchain technology into its existing security infrastructures. 

The executive stated that the migration to Alibaba Cloud was successful. Gu anticipates that integrating blockchain features on CertiK will motivate the developers to create innovative projects on this network. 

The official confessed that the integration of Alibaba Cloud demanded that the CertiK team to actively collaborate with the Chinese e-commerce platform. 

CertiK Integrates Alibaba Cloud to Enhance Security of Web3

Reportedly, before the migration to Alibaba Cloud, CertiK drafted a plan to guide the development during the migration. Certik and Alibaba ensured that the migration was smooth and had no impact on day-to-day business operations. 

According to the announcement, CertiK can host 12 blockchain-inspired applications on the Alibaba Cloud. CertiK will use the Alibaba cloud to offer its Web3 services.

The migration to Alibaba Cloud came after the Chinese e-commerce company integrated the Avalanche blockchain network. 

Alibaba entered into a partnership agreement with Avalanche to support the development of advanced tools for launching validator nodes. 

The integration of Avalanche aims to enable developers to use the Alibaba cloud, including plug-and-play, to create new validators. 

Alibaba Partners with CertiK

Besides collaborating with Avalanche, the Chinese e-commerce company closed a partnership deal with CertiK in May 2023. Under the partnership, the CertiK proprietary tools, including smart contract and Layer 1 auditing tools, were integrated into Alibaba Cloud.

The partners agreed to integrate CertiK Skynet and penetration testing tools in the coming days.  CertiK and Alibaba plan to laucnh combined hackathons and education programs for developers.

Apart from entering into strategic partnerships to enhance Web3 security, the Alibaba team has invested in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. A few weeks ago, Alibaba’s affiliate company, Alipay, introduced AI features to its payment platform. 

The integration aimed to enable Alipay users to make payments through their banks effortlessly. The Alipay AI features aim to prepared the company for the evolution of AI. 

In May, four giant tech firms in China, including Zhipu AI, Moonshot AI, MiniMax, and 01.ai, raised funds to support AI development. The company plans to recruit new hires to support the development of AI products.  The four companies plan to outpace OpenAI in AI development.

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