Cardano Starts Educational Improvement Initiative in Ethiopia

The partnership between Cardano and the government of Ethiopia has been confirmed. The crypto enterprise had been hinting at the possibility of talks with the African nation bureaucracy for months. Before that, the Cardano team was working diligently on introducing the new blockchain technology and the DeFi models in the African nations for a long time. The main aim of the crypto campaigning was to make cryptocurrencies mainstream in the region.

It seems like cryptocurrencies are quite popular in African nations like Nigeria. The citizens of Nigeria have been investing heavily in cryptocurrencies despite a nationwide ban by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Charles Hoskinson has claimed in the past that he wishes to run countries with the third-generation blockchain. It seems that now the first major project focused on education has been started in collaboration with the Ethiopian government.

How is Cardano Introducing Education Innovation?

The program powered by Atala PRISM and overlooked by Cardano’s parent company, In and out Hong Kong (IOHK), is going to work with five million students and a network of 700 thousand teachers. This first tier is mainly focused on improving the educational management system on a secondary school level. The Atala PRISM is a decentralized identification solution powered by Cardano.

The identification system will provide a secure and reliable method of recording the authentic educational performance data of the students, but the data analyst could also use it to highlight the most problematic areas for transpiration of education. This valuable data could be used as a way to implement new policies and formulate solutions. This system would also provide the students with technical courses that could be verified through Cardano. The employers in the region would be able to access the authentic educational records of the students directly.

Hoskinson’s Views

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is optimistic that the entire educational infrastructure would eventually adopt his new blockchain educational initiative. He said that the program was designed for secondary schools at the early stages. However, the probability of mass adoption is very high. In the first phase, about 3,500 secondary schools would join the program. 

The initiative would also issue tablets for teachers and students with active internet connections. In the second year, the remaining five million schools could join the initiative. Hoskinson is confident that this program would allow more citizens to get introduced to the blockchain and join Cardano. It should be noted the Cardano has finished completing its 100% decentralization transition only one month before the Atala PRISM initiative.

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