Cardano Reports another Major Milestone as ADA Blockchain now has One Million Wallets

Founder of Cardano blockchain has recently announced the good news that the 3rd generation cryptocurrency has reached one million followers. The highly anticipated news was posted on the Cardano Foundation blog. This number signifies the rapid growth trend of Cardano. At present, when the crypto market candles have turned dangerously red, the Cardano coin has climbed up the rank despite 14% depreciation.

In few months, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency has made significant progress. In January, ADA blockchain has a little about 2000 wallet addresses. The number has blown up to a million in a matter of a small period. It signifies a five times increase in the number of users and crypto investors who have joined the Cardano family. 

Cardano still not Immune from the Ongoing Crypto Depreciation Epidemic

Last month, in the middle of the altcoin boom Cardano scored a new ATH of $2.45. While many big-time investors started to take an interest in Cardano, it still crashed when the Bitcoin price was shot down. Nevertheless, Cardano managed to overcome a huge obstacle and was promoted to the 4th largest cryptocurrency. Although at present, it is trending at $1.25 after a 48% distance from its peak price point in April. 

The Cardano community is also looking forward to the Alonzo hard fork, which would allow the Cardano system to take back control and introduce smart contracts on the blockchain. The blockchain also attracted a lot of attention when it became a 100% decentralized network last month. The blockchain is also busy introducing welfare projects in Africa with the help of blockchain technology. 

Cardano Creator Invites Tesla CEO to Repair Dogecoin Blockchain

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, had opened up a new YouTube channel to interact with ADA followers and share the road map for his blockchain project. A few days ago, the Dogecoin community was taken by surprise when Elon Musk shared his vision for increasing the blockchain size by ten folds. This announcement earned the Tesla CEO a lot of criticism. The Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd even remarked that Musk should stick to launching rockets.

However, Hoskinson published a video addressed to Musk claiming that he can solve these problems by replacing the Scrypt protocol with Prism. With this edit, Dogecoin would be able to sustain 10 thousand transactions per second. At present, ADA is only one step behind Dogecoin on the leader board. Hoskinson also offered to make Dogecoin ASIC-proof by introducing high interoperability with the HashCore algorithm.

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