Cardano is Launching a Decentralized Stake Pool Operator (SPO) on the Blockchain

IOHK, the parent company behind third-generation blockchain Cardano, has recently shared its ambition to launch a stake pool operator with DeFi capabilities. The SPO team is an extended branch of blockchain research and development enterprise that created Cardano. The news has been well-received in the community. Just a few weeks ago, Cardano made blockchain production autonomous.

The deployment of SPO decentralization would set up a secure and authenticated correlation between shared nodes. Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson told media that the blockchain needs to go through an infrastructure upgrade for a successful SPO network. For starters, a peer-to-peer governor would be activated in addition to connection management software and a personalized P2P testnet setup. The R&D team is conducting experiments with a P2P testnet.

Cardano Popularity is Spreading like an Epidemic outside of United States

Data report courtesy of Google Trends indicates that Cardano’s fame is reaching many countries outside of the USA. This was the bracket when the ADA gained a major portion of its media coverage. The poll also sketches the geographic index, which is most prominent in Netherlands, Australia, and Ireland.

However, the popularity of the Cardano brand remains below 37% in countries like Belgium, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Germany. The data analytics provided by Finbold and Coinmetrics indicate that the active addresses count has gone up 417.81% since January. In other regions, the amount of growth is 382.84% in terms of transaction counts. IOHK has broadcasted its mission statement to introduce more use cases for the blockchain to realize its RealFi vision.

In line with the Atala Prism program, Cardano has drafted an academic partnership and sponsoring contract with the government of Ethiopia. The program aims to improve the education infrastructure and enable the system to be more reliant on merit. The program would also provide technical education with certifications and tablets with easy internet access for high-school students and teachers.

The government of Tanzania has also joined hands with Cardano. In collaboration with the World Mobile Team, the native SIM service provider in the region, Cardano would try to make 5G internet accessible for more than 10,000 people. Lark Davis, a crypto influencer on social media, claims that after the successful implementation of much anticipated Alonzo upgrade and smart contracts capability, the price of ADA would double or go beyond.

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