Cardano Foundation Introduces Cardano Registry Following Smart Contracts Launch

Cardano, after rolling out smart contracts successfully, has amazed the crypto world with the immediate launch of Cardano Registry, which will be aimed at the On-Chain native tokens.

From time to time up-gradation of the platform, Cardano (ADA) is stepping ahead to become totally decentralized. On the 1st March of 2021, Mary’s protocol went live, and it was considered and accepted to be the smart step ahead for Goguen’s developmental upgrade, along with disclosing the smart contracts as well as a lot of other features. 

Unveiling the smart contracts has enabled the miners, and even a layman would be able to mint tokens via the Cardano blockchain. With such a revolutionary step, a lot of community people have minted 600 tokens and 1500 tokens on mainnet and testnet, respectively.

Now, Cardano has disclosed its intentions to introduce society to the Cardano registry to keep and maintain the effective and efficient record of newly minted tokens. As per the statement, it is most like to be expected that the record of newly minted tokens will be kept safe, organized, and centralized over the Cardano registry. 

Cardano Foundation assured the people that this registry is doubtlessly curated and trusted compilation of the on-chain identifiers regarding the tokens deployed and written of Cardano registry. On-Chain identifiers are consisting of token addresses, hashes, minting policies, and public keys, among few other things. And they authorize the token creators and developers to input the token details over Cardano Registry.

How registering the token over Cardano Registry will be beneficial?

The above-mentioned question made people contemplate and look for the monetary benefits before directly registering their tokens over the Cardano Registry. Well, to keep the record clear and for the people’s concerns, it is worth noting that Cardano has disclosed and pointed three main benefits of registering the tokens over the Cardano registry, including feasible verification, meta discovery’s enablement, and most importantly, the authenticity if then tokens to be registered over the Cardano registry. 

In addition, the captivating thing about this registry is that it works efficiently and systematically, as the token’s authenticity can be proved while registration with ultimate verification, and it also gives satisfaction to the clients by elaborating the developer’s efforts to mint the tokens under the proper platform’s guideline.

It was reported today that the IRA crypto platform would also introduce Cardano to the draft of available assets. Moreover, Cardano would be available to access 401K accounts and IRA investors, and it will tie interest of XRP, ETH, and LTChasha along with BTC, Link, and DOT.

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