As we all know, crypto coins were created after the 2008 global financial crisis for people to be able to control their own money and not rely on the governments and the financial system.  Bitcoin had started a movement of independence, privacy, and transparency. It is no surprise that cryptocurrency is often referred to as the money by the people and for the people.

As the crypto and blockchain community as well as companies grow, we see examples of them giving back to the world. Recently, the Cardano Foundation team went on a short trip to Mauritius, an island country to the southeast of Africa.

The purpose of this trip was a mission for Building Blockchain Bridges in the country. The team described their stay as “empowering and very intense.” The team discussed blockchain and cryptocurrency with the local government, entrepreneurs as well as students mainly addressing tech start-ups and the ideas of citizens on this topic.

One of the primary objectives of the Cardano Foundation is helping to enhance the experience of using the blockchain technology. So they were very pleased to notice how this island nation is utilizing this revolutionary technology. The team particularly noticed and highlighted the commitment of the young citizens for creating an environment where blockchain and digital currency can flourish and learning about that.

According to the Cardano team, blockchain is not only a unique technology but also a tool to boost the economy. They also thanked the Mauritius government, the University of Mauritius, the Embassy of Switzerland in RSA as well as the African Leadership College. The team stated that they would be happy to work with other African countries to spread knowledge about the blockchain technology and guide the countries towards improvement.

The Cardano Foundation is doing wonderful things for the crypto community. In order to find out more about Cardano and ADA price, check out Cardano Price updates and Cardano Price Predictions to be more aware of the market.

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