Cardano Creator Says that the Blockchain is Going to Achieve Big Goals in 2021

Forbes recently interviewed Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson. He spoke about the future conquests and growth opportunities for the third-generation blockchain. Hoskinson told the media that the firm is planning to complete many ongoing projects that were put in motion since 2016. The year 2021 would see the blockchain getting major upgrades in terms of independent decentralization, metadata standards, token issuance, smart contracts, a stack of governance, and many more.

The IOHK CEO claims that the crypto enterprise has accomplished many big feats during Q1 and would be busy to make others a real success in the distant future. He emphasized the launch and significance of the Alonzo testnet that is going to enable the capabilities of the smart contract of Cardano. Hoskinson was also excited about the issuance of 10,000 tokens in the month and called it a huge accomplishment. 

Is Cardano an Ethereum Rival?

In the past, Hoskinson fully endorsed the title of “Ethereum Killer” bestowed by the crypto community. He has claimed on many occasions that many digital assets are willing to leave the Ethereum ecosystem and join Cardano. However, the number of transitions is not very visible for the time being. The enthusiastic crypto creator is once again ready to embrace the challenge.

In his recent Forbes interview, he told the media that the Cardano team is focusing on nation-states and getting ready to introduce some massive transitions. He also exclaimed that the blockchain is currently using the push model to introduce millions of new users to the platform. He seems optimistic about the challenging Ethereum’s position in the market by introducing DeFi, the NFT market, and many more facilities that Ethereum provides its users.  

Cardano Partners with Leading Payment Processor Company

Simplex is counted among the biggest fiat payment gateway facilitator in Europe. Cardano has recently announced a partnership with Simplex to introduce better reach in the market. With the help of Simplex extensions, users would be able to convert their fiat currency into ADA. Simplex users can get access to several crypto exchanges, custody services, staking ecosystems, and digital wallets to acquire the native token of Cardano.

The range of Simplex is very liberating for the users as it works with hundreds of cryptocurrencies and dozens of selected cryptocurrencies. This massive range would play an important role in increasing the liquidity and market distribution for Cardano. Off-ramps and on-ramp fiat conversion are also an option. Simplex joined digital payment giant VISA last year. The crypto investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio with ADA would be able to raise their stakes with a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, SEPA, and SWIFT. 

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